Hello!!!! Hope you are having a great weekend!!! I have still my sleep patterns so changed, that I slept most of yesterday so I am writing now at the early (ok, maybe not “that” early- 06:23am) hours of the morning of Sunday. I got even more delayed checking the past few posts by our new sisters and I’m with a heart full of beauty now ready to show you my finds 🙂

First page that robbed my heart and made it happy beyond words is this gorgeous, amazing and intense blues composition, Wonder by keepscrapping. Love Kayla’s pages, and this one is a perfect combination of all her talents, the marvelous management of color, the gorgeous interpretation of the template, the way the stunning photo plays so well with the colors she chose for her elements, an amazing mixture of textures and an extra shine when all is combined together….my heart sings. Loud. This is my idea of beauty & perfection!!!!

I have to admit, I have some issues with Easter pages. I think this is due to my having made so many at some point when I was in more CTs than necessary, having made so many, is like eating too much of something, at least in my case, I need to spend a couple of years without to start appreciating again…and then I found this, Love the Easter Bunny by EllenT. Well, of course, it HAS to be Ellen to make me change my mind!!!! The whole page is pure sweetness, love the photo with all that fluffiness and the light, the beautiful delicate pattern of the background, and that amazing talent that Ellen has to almost bring life to all the elements, so beautifully arranged as if they had been carelessly thrown, those amazing paints and the gorgeousness of the tittle work…all together most certainly a Stand Out!!!

Next and so incredibly beautiful  is Mom (April Style Challenge) by cfile. I am quiet sure she doesn’t need an introduction as she is often featured in our posts, her pages always have that personal touch, and I love it especially when she scraps the old family photos. The idea to fill the grid with these stunning photos, the beauty of saying so much with the almost minimalist design, the beautiful blank space, the detail of the deep blue paint that enhances the contrast of the B&W photos, a few lines of journaling and the elegant and delicate addition of very very few elements…all together wonderful!!!!!!

Another one of my favorite ladies, Anny-Libelle with Life is Sweet,  a fabulous composition with all her talent for perfect layering and absolute wonderful talent for shadowing, her pages gain life and you can feel the dimension as if this was a paper page! The photos are cute overload, the colors that feel so happy, love the shade of purple combined with the greens, everything here is happiness according to sweetness!!!!!

If you know me, you know I am an element hoarder. I LOVE playing with most of the elements pack and have a hard time not being able to stick them in one page…. but then again, I am passionate for photography and memory keeping..and in some cases, the best way to memory keep is to find the photo/s that speak loud, the ones that need almost nothing, and this is what this awesome page, Alaska, Packing, Left side by djp332 shows so well. We travel a lot, so I am always looking for inspiration for photography and page design…this is one that achieves that awesome task of speaking without the need for much else. Still love the journaling that brings us a step closer to this marvelous trip!!!

And now before I say goodnight, I have some absolutely amazingly gorgeous artsy pages, each and everyone of them full of beauty and so inspiring…after all the amazing samples in all the galleries, I just can’t help it, I want to go scrap myself!!!!! (I seriously need some sleep though! LOL)  The first one is from one of my newest idols, she captured my attention and my heart last year and keeps me happy and more than delighted with all her creations. She is AmandaJ and her page is Week 1 AJ: Dignity. Stunning, amazingly gorgeous no mater where I look it from, is full of perfection in color management, amazing choices and I want this on my walls!!!!!!! Absolutely & amazingly GoRGEOUS!!!!!

Another Art Journal marvel from a name I had not seen in ages so I couldn’t be happier to be able to highlight her amazing page!!!!! She is Ange Brands and her page is called A Fancy Malaka. The amount of intelligent, amazing blending here is extraordinaire, there is a perfect balance in between the soft and stronger colors, the face gains it’s own light and lightens up the whole page! another one I would love on my walls!!!!

Last, but never ever least, a page so amazing that takes me back to when I first took an interest in Art Journal and met the awesome designs that would have me in total happiness for many years, and to confirm it all, the page is called Pure Joy. The author is peppapig and I just can’t stop being fascinated by the assembling of all these pieces into a wonderful art page, so many colors, so many shapes that keep the eye moving around….another one from my walls, no doubt!!!!!

I will leave you here, with these amazing creations, hoping they inspire you as much as they inspire me!!!! Remember you can access their original galleries by clicking on the high lit name of the LO and author, so please do spare a minute or two to leave some love!!!! Thanks so much for sharing all your art with us. Have a great weekend!!!!






10 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – April 8th –

  1. oh Cynthia! Thank you so much for choosing this page of mine in regards to my Mom. I really enjoyed making this page and to see it as a GSO this morning really makes me smile and makes my day!! Thak you so much!!


    1. MY pleasure!!!! Love the way you can go from one extreme style to another and always be a fabulous page!!!!!!

    1. your pages are awesome, in here, the smaller photos are ama`ing, but LOVE the big photo as it shows the whole feeling of the day, amazing story telling with images and I feel in love with it all the way!!!!! <3

  2. My friend, Cynthia, thank you so much! Easter is one of my least favorite holidays to scrap also. lol But we do what is needed. Your kind words have again brightened my day. Thank you! <3

    1. you are one of my brightening the day most important people…every page of yours makes me feel better and I am always learning something with you!!!!! a huge pleasure to know that we have yet something more in common!!!! Hugggzzzz

  3. Cynthia, You made my day! I loved the blues and golds in the April BYOC products from Bella Gypsy at the Lilypad and knew they would look great with the red rock in my photo. Thanks for your kind words and encouragement.

    1. SO so glad!!!!! you are amazing Kayla!!!! I kept looking at the page, looking and looking and couldn’t;t take my eyes away from it!!!! absolutely awesome!!! as it is your whole gallery!!!! Huggzzz

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