Hello hello!!!  Hope you are all having an amazing weekend!!! I had the week from hell from Thursday before last until this past one, to do with failed supermarket deliveries and really dumb customer service, with two of the biggest chains of groceries shopping in the UK…so I think when I finally got over my high blood pressure and anxiety that elevates pain levels (I have a heart failure condition too!) my body decided that insomnia wasn’t right and gifted me with long hours sleep!!! Luckily, our community is filled with awesome people, some of them who sometimes come to our rescue as family members…so here I am, late- nothing new here LOL- but with you! As usual, my heart is completely broken after having to close so many tabs in order to fit into the post…but here you are, some of the most amazing creations from yesterday galleries 🙂

I’m quiet sure this is a familiar feeling for most of us, the feel a wonderful connection and even deep friendship with other scrappers, so much that you can spot their pages from 5 miles, you know their style, their kids, the family history, and feel with them in every page. This page, Wanderlust by Jenn McCabe is one of those moments in which I realized how blessed I am with the talented people around me whom I can call friend. She always shines in each and everyone of her pages and this has me wanting to stay, stare and discover.! The layering is awesomely out of this world, with different textures and so perfectly clever shadows, the perfect balance of elements, the awesome photo treatment…. and the feeling that this all gives me as I was in a situation like this a couple of years ago when Sarita (DD_ went to work at Summer Camp in Canada, almost the same picture, almost the same heart breaking a little together with a huge pride on the knowing they start to fly solo. Absolute. Awesomness. Without a doubt!

And to follow, another one of those incredibly talented people, this one shines in any style she proposes to create, and to me, is the kind that always inspire and impress. For many of us, scrapping school pages can be a challenge, so finding something like this page, Homework Time by EllenT, is marvelous inspiration! The stitches grid as a mat is gorgeous, one can never have too many stitches! as usual her talent shines in using almost the whole element pack but making it in a way that the page is so clean cut and tidy, so beautiful at first sight, and then you want to keep finding hidden tiny details, but here what impresses me the most (and this is mainly why I picked instead of one of the other amazing pages she posted yesterday) is the incredibly wonderful idea to base the whole composition with one of the kit’s elements, this is pure awesome!!!!!!!

You are probably tired of me being so repetitive, but this has to be said again and again: LOVE love LOVE and love a little but more designers who scrap!!! even more so those who are so prolific that inspire constantly. They also give me the biggest dilemma as which page to highlight, and believe you me, today it was a heart break . Finally I decided to go for  Waipatiki by LynnG.  So many reasons why:  The big photo, which is gorgeous and a record of one of these moments that are not an everyday thing, and the joy it captures in the little one smile is so strong I can feel it all the way here. The use of a busy pattern is so cleverly chosen so nothing gets taken over, the addition of  the word arts for the tittle and those beautiful word strips, the super gorgeous layering in the top right…. and I can be here till the cows come home to tell you how much I love the page, and the author!!!! But you can’t stand me that long so I move on LOL

Another one of those Layout artist who can delight and make your jaw fall with any style they propose to go for, and each and every time I learn something new from them, each and every time I wish I had all the time and enough health to be a lot more around the galleries to stop in every page they make, well she is one of those. Her gallery is so full of gems, it is hugely difficult to come up with just one, after much deliberation,  here is 2015 Connor In 2nd Grade by Iowan.  She has that gift that reflects and shines in this page (and each and everyone of the other pages, but as we are here…) … a blank space but not blank space page? well, I am not sure I can label it but sure thing is, I am in love with this and the absolutely amazing way she can scrap with such a busy background  and make the actual centered composition shine… LOVE the photos!!!!! The color play here is fabulous ad keeps the whole thing tidy with keeping it to mainly the red & black, the fabulous details like that string  which I had not seen first time I looked, the initial a bit of center with the smaller elements, oh this is just pure joy!!!!!!

From the blank space not so blank, to one of my most loved and admired Blank Space, Clean and Simple Queens, here is Sucali with Travelogue. She is another one of those I could pick each and every week, her pages always have such an impact, she is one of those with whom I learned how difficult it can be to make an impressive bank space , clean and simple page. I used to think it wasn’t much of an effort, but how wrong I was! in here you can see all the right choices: a more than amazing photo incorporated into a card, with just a couple of lines, combined fonts or word art,  the detail of that tab with the washi so, so amazingly well shadowed one can almost touch, so real it is, the gorgeous straw circle with the flower, again, shadows so amazing… Susanne’s talent shines with elegance!!!! Wonderful, absolutely wonderful!

This has my heart jumping of joy and almost speechless with much beauty and talent in the overall way this,  In Love with Paris by Barbara Houston, is made. We call them Gallery Stand Outs and this cannot be closer to that definition. As soon as I saw the whole gallery page, the thumbnail of this one stood so much that was calling me…and when I go to look closer…oh my!!!!!!!! this is so so amazing!!!!!!!!! The photo is the kind I LOVE to scrap and love so much seeing it in others who are such an inspiration as this…a non typical landmark photography that tells the story of the kind I love the most when traveling, the discovery of old places, the sensation of being in the depths of the country’s history and beauty. Not only visually here the page is a blast: gorgeous photo editing, absolutely mind blowing blending which I cannot find the words to explain but is almost as if I am standing in the same alley in front of that broken wall, that black thread and just a gorgeous inked title work, great font (or maybe a word art),  with a one liner in the bottom for the record, the subtle ink splatter, just a few drops in a perfectly balanced work of art…so, not only visually but also there is a detail that makes me fall in love with this even 1000 times more: there is an explanation of how the page came to be, the story, not just the process with which is made -which is great that they share- but to me, the story behind a page when there isn’t much of journaling and the page is such artistry as this…it makes it more complete. Totally in LOVE!!!!

Now this next page, Everything is a Gift by joelsgirl, is another mind blowing awesomeness!!!!!! LOVE love LOVE and love it, my heart sings and dances and I am in awe when I find things like this: super original, combining tons of stuff, wonderfully composed, impact that stays with you for days, months and that I am sure will keep in my memory and heart for even years. Again, not only the visual side of this page is out of this world impressive, the colors jumping at me in the most amazing way, the fabulous tittle work, those more than marvelous extractions and the way they are placed in the whole composition, but also the heart of this page pulsing  with the journaling in the way it is done, a soul pouring in short sentences and making us recognize life in it’s most real everyday, this is by all standards a work of art, the most awesome memory keeping,  but even more so for me, having lived in many different countries and having to adapt to completely different cultures…… Impressive. Original. Indeed A Gift!

Last but never, ever, ever ever least, another one of my most favorite girls around: LeeAndra with this awesome page called Me. As usual with her, the whole package here: great visuals, colors defined that jump and make an impression, love it that there are very few colors and the black & white thing is predominant, the photo is gorgeous and so so perfect with the journaling, which is delightful (even though me being very, very much her senior I feel like giving a few words of advise LOL) This is another example of how much very few items in the page can make it a piece of art that makes an impression, beautifully selected elements, super cleverly chosen color scheme, more than amazing shadows, simple tittle and a heartfelt journaling… as always with her, I feel like I know her quiet well even though I don’t think we have ever crossed path outside of galleries comments and forums conversations….and this page just has my heart!!!!!!!!

This is all from me today. Hope you enjoy and find inspiration in these amazing ladies’ pages, and, as always: you can reach their original galleries by clicking in the high-lit name of the LO and author, sparing just a couple of minutes to give them a word or two of love, always goes a long way!!!!!! Thanks so much for sharing, have an amazing weekend!!!














15 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – August 11th –

    1. oh my dear dear girl, I am so glad I did, because you do every day with your pages!!!! so much talent!!!! <3

  1. Thank you so much for choosing “In Love With Paris”, I am over the moon! It means so much more to me because its my Granddaughter Autumn in her dream city. As I said, I love unusual photos of famous landmarks and I fell in love with this photo and had her send it to me to use. Again, thank you so much for your glowing words, they are so appreciated!

    1. I know! I read your [AWESOME] description of your process and how she sent you the photo by email…the page has so so much magic and skills and gorgeousness and…oh we can be here for hours!!!! So so glad I found it!!!! my pleasure entirely!!!!!

    1. you know how much I love and admire all your work, your love for the scrapping reflects in every page and every kit is much much better because of that (at least I think so!!!) <3

  2. You living doll, you, thanks for including my page with these wonderful selections. I was definitely out of my comfort zone here, so I really really appreciate this. I’m bummed about your delivery snafus, why can’t life be easy once in awhile. Hang in there.

    1. you are the best in each and every style, you know I have to make a huge effort NOT to pick your pages!!!!!! I could do my entore postst just with your pages!!!!!! And yeah, well, maybe that will put a need to go out shopping to the street market and thus save me some £££££ LOL HUggzzz, you are amazing!!!!

  3. What a delightful bunch of layouts you have presented. I loved really looking at them, taking the time to stop and notice all the little details – a fabulous way to start my day. Thank you!

  4. Oh Cynthia, wonderful choices, I love to see all that beautiful layouts!!!
    Thank you for mentioning my page here and for your kind words for it (what a great description!).

    ~Susanne~ (sucali)

  5. Cynthia – you spread so much joy and happiness in our digi community! I know we all feel your love so strongly when you pick and write about our pages. You are amazing and so dear to us all! Thank you for noticing my page and for the thoughtful heart warming words … and most of all for your friendship. Love you! xoxo Beautiful picks!

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