Have to say it was entirely too hot outside today to stand out there too long to view the eclipse! My daughter and I set a timer and went out every 10 minutes to see the progression.  It was definitely a cool thing to see.  I spent my cooling down time looking through the galleries to pick out 6 lovely layouts to feature today.   So here we go….

My first pick is called Girls Day Out by OKate.   This page jump out of the gallery because of the perfect use of black as both a grounding color and an accent color.  The way that the layout artist used the black really balances out the other pops of color and the white background.  I like the little 1-5 list on the left and the picture of the modern art she saw on her Girls Day Out.  This is very well composed and balanced page – I love it!

The next page I chose is by Jenna Jacquez titled Snug as a Bug.  The colors in this are so vibrant and eye catching!!  I like the way she made a base with the flowers and the leaves and then built her layout on top of that. What a cool idea!  I really love her title work too. What pull this together beautifully is the subtle sunburst on the background and her amazing shadows.

My next pick is much softer than the first two.  Sweetness by beaute is so lovely!  I like the use of the cut outs in the white paper to bring more color and dimension to the page.  Then the beautiful pictures of Venice work so nicely with the colors in this kit. It’s all so soft, floaty and lovely together!  The shadows on the butterflies make them look like they are flying above the page – I just love how this looks all together.


Next I found this lovely cool tone layout by christellevandyk titled Remember Me.  The contrast in this layout is amazing.  The grungy painted wood background, mixed with layers and layers of lovely flowers and then lace and the feathers.  Such a nice variety of textures and colors all over the page.  This clusters are just amazing with all the flowers and little bits tucked in. The shadows look great!!   I feel like the longer I look at the page the more details I find.  Such a remarkable page! 

I’ve been following the Master Scrapper Challenge at Scrapaneers and I saw this entry and could not resist sharing this here.  This page titled Coffee Clouds by londoncuppa wows me every time I look at it.  I don’t even know where to start.  First of the all the idea behind this page is phenomenal. Then to be able to mix all these different things together and make this beautiful art has to be a true gift!  I love the person climbing the ladder to get in the cup. The lights in background make this feel like it’s an artsy dream. The smoke is almost hypnotizing.   The shadowing and use of space is done so well.  I’m seriously in awe of this amazing page!

My final pick for today is the more minimal travel page titled Glen Coe- Scottish Highlands by cfile. First of all I love travel pages and this one is so unique! I really like the large title in the middle that gives the whole layout focus. Then the small photos with the markers.  What a great idea!  I love how she’s kept everything minimal and monotone except for the photos – it gives this such a clean and focused feel.  Finally the long photo at the bottom is just gorgeous and is the perfect anchor for this beautifully done page!!

Today I was able to find a large variety in the galleries. There is so much inspiration out there and so many talented scrappers.  I hope you take time and visit some scrapbook galleries and leave some love to a fellow scrapper soon!

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