Heyy, everyone! Okay, so here’s the deal. I’ve got somewhat of an unusual post for you all today. Unusual in that I have waaaayy more layouts than the typical six that I am required to post. Truly, there was such an abundance of inspiring layouts in the galleries that I just couldn’t help myself. I was having such a hard time narrowing my choices that I simply gave up and decided that I was just gonna post them all. And heck, all rules out the window, I’ve even got repeat artists. LOL! All I ask is that you don’t tell my boss, okay? And I’ll cross my fingers that she’ll be wholly distracted by all of the gorgeousness that I’ve posted and won’t even notice! ;P ;P

Oh, and because I have pointed to so many, I’m just going to let the works of art speak for themselves, i.e. I won’t be commenting on each individual layout like I typically do. So, here we go!

You by louso

Surf adventure! by Loulou31

PL2017 Week 25 by Lizzit5

You’ll never walk alone by Madi

Summer by marijke

19 Captures by JenEM

Smile today by louso

A dog’s life by margje

Sacrifice by frani_54

the story of Berlin by madi

Adore by zwyck

Watch Me Soar by frani_54

I seriously hope that you all now have inspiration overload! LOL! I’ll see you all in the galleries again real soon. Have a truly blessed week! XXOO

6 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – August 6

  1. OMGosh Katherine, I feel so honored that you picked not one of my layouts but two. Thank you so much, you’ve made my day.

  2. Katherine you made my day! Thank you for including my layout with all of these gorgeous pages. Congrats to everyone whose layouts are featured here as well. xo

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