Hello and happy Monday! I hope you are up for some fun, light-hearted pages, that will make you feel good! We have lots of fashion and whimsy in today’s pages. But, we have one really serious page too, because scrapbooking is not only about fun, it’s about life. Read on, and I hope you’ll agree, these were all outstanding in different ways.

This is Liz J., and these are my picks.

Bloom by cropkat

I love starting off my search by finding a great hybrid page! This page has such depth and fun and glitter and character! And it’s a great girly page, to boot (oh, a little shoe pun for a shoe page, does it get any better than that?!!!). I love that glitter-dipped alpha for the title, and all the little bits and pieces she added to surround the photo. Great use of journal cards and word art and funny embellishments.

Be yourself by erinshannon

She got me with that doodly paper! I can never pass by a page with good doodly bits without taking a closer look. And, she used that whimsical feel just perfectly here with that fun photo. I enjoyed the disclaimer in her comments about what her subject is drinking… it all adds to the tone of this one. Fun and more fun! Erin did a great job with the element placement to lead us right into the photo. My favorite part is the popped out word strips, which was a very effective way to give the white word strips some extra oomph against the white of the background.

Visitor by ouisikelly

I just loved that framing, such a clever way to give us focus on her little visitor. Great title work, and a rather amusing photo combined to make a wonderful page. The brush work and overlay created a nice little spot in the white space for the title and text.

Kate Spade Purse by kaybeetoo

Well, who doesn’t love a good shopping story?! This is a real-life paper page, and it’s so charming. I love this page so much! Great use of patterns, word art and the cute little dress-up doll. The doilies are a wonderful accent to keep your eye moving through the page. She left enough white space to keep this page from overwhelming, while still being glamorous. Love the crop on the photo. And I love that she documented this, what a great subject!

Matchers by bbymks5

And speaking of photo crops, check out the crop on this one! It’s amazing what impact a good photo crop has. Such a fun, edgy feel to this one, kind of a grunge meets girl thing. The black & white and pink is very striking. I loved the inset photos offset by the hot pink paint. She added just enough color in that inset photo area with the big beads and banner. The newsprint paper is the perfect final touch.

Me, my heart, and gratitude by Katie Pertiet

So, amid all the fun and frivolity of today’s picks, I have a very serious page to share. One of our industry’s most talented and beloved designers, Katie Pertiet, had a pretty astonishing health scare recently. I hope Katie will not mind my sharing her story here. It’s a topic and experience about which we should all take note. I appreciated that Katie was willing to share her story, in such a raw, pull-no-punches way. As scrapbookers, we often share the stories of others, but when it comes to our own journeys, that’s harder to lay out there. We all wish Katie a smooth and swift recovery, and hope for a very healthy future. We love you, Katie!

Those are the standouts for this beautiful Monday! I hope you all loved these picks too. If so, please take a moment to click on the linked titles and leave the artist some much-deserved praise. Have a great week!

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  1. Thank you another one of my pages!! I wasn’t sure how the final layout would look when I started it, but I’m glad I pushed ahead.

    Congratulations everyone!! Everyone’s pages are amazing!!

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