Hi everyone! I’m back from my vacation month and I am late with my August 9th post, because I was reorganising my craftspace. It was (and still is) a huge mess in the corner where I work usually. Didn’t have any space left to put my laptop last night. So I moved some things this morning and now I can work 😉 With no further ado lets see what I found in the galleries! I’ll keep is short, have still a lot of things to move and clean!

looking for that great escape…by 3littleks is the first AJ page I want to show you, it is so delicate and the journaling suggests a whole lot of emotions behind it! I love this soft colored page! Can keep looking at it for a long time!

Contour by mystampin2003 Wow, I love these vintage ladies used here! Takes you back to the roaring 30’s and 40’s, don’t they? And I love how mystampin2003 designed the bacground with all the textures, splatters, stamps and a few colors.

The Cane by grandma Lynnie is so recognizable! And very funny written! I am at the end of my fifties, facing more physical inconvieniences in the future also! I hope to stay healthy and I hope my body works with me for a long time, not causing me too much trouble! I love this page! And the colorful floral cane is wonderful!!

Explore by katell A very pretty and clean explore page with all kinds of little creatures. Love how playful the frames are placed here and love that piece of ‘bugpaper’ behind them. A lovely C&S page!

Boy by anita This is an awesome page, Anita ‘nailed’ it with all the pieces she used here to show the picture of the boy and how clever she used the ‘Oh Boy’ as a kind of background. Wonderful treatment of the picture also! I love it!

LondonLondon by MrsPeel Ahhh…London, the city where our MrsPeel lives! I immediately fell for this AJ page and for the black and red here! London truly is a wonderful city to spend some days! I wonder if Cynthia spotted a flying saucer…;). Love all the arrows, different fonts and black square and circled stamps used here. Great background too!

Well. dear visitors, these are my picks, I hope you like them as much as I do! Wishing you a lovely thursday!


4 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – August 9th

  1. Jeanine!!!!! what a wonderful surprise!!!!!!! you always brighten up my day (well evening in this case!!) thanks so so very much, you always make my life a better one, you know I would be delighted to have you over whenever you can get a bit of an escape, and show you the London the tour buses wont show !!!! <3

    1. You are very welcome Cynthia and I am working on my escape, will take a while, but I will visit you someday! 😀

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