Hello from a snowy UK! Other countries are always prepared for these extreme weather conditions but it catches us out time and again. Luckily it hasn’t stuck where we live but I’m a little dubious about making the journey to work tomorrow through some treacherous, snowy terrain. And so on a rather chilly Sunday, it’s been lovely to check out the galleries and see all the creativity that’s been going on around the world, no matter the weather!

Our very own GSO blogger, Mrs Peel, is starting us off today with this delightful page entitled Focus. I love the bold but softly coloured backdrop, the unframed image and the pretty collection of elements, all so neatly placed and anchored by a little stitching and a pretty cluster. Great title work and a few sparkly scatters finish this layout beautifully. So very pretty!

Moving on now to XO by Shannon_Yates. I love how the paper strips and star scatters give this layout a great feeling of surprise and energy which is backed up in the journaling! This is a lovely, festive page celebrating this little guy and I love the tagged title work. A cute page!

Continuing on with the December/Christmas theme is Counting the Days by Mielz. I just adore the white space here, the shadowing, the brushwork, it’s all fabulous. I like that the greenery in the little cluster adds so much to the red, black and white colour palette. Look closer and you’ll see some super cute elements adorning the tree and one of the kitties. A gorgeous page!

Another smashing page with gorgeous white space is Magical by Sylvia. Here, I like that the rounded corners of the photo are reflected in the dashed border and how the border breaks to showcase the ’25’. Simple elements adorn the photo while the button and the star highlight the title of the page. Beautifully classic!

Dashing through the Dough by magnolia is a beautiful piece of work. I love how the eye is drawn down the ‘L’ design, through the mix of brushes and masks. The tones of white, grey and green and the image are stunning while the shadowing given to the bauble and ribbon add depth. A truly striking layout!

I love how Merry Christmas by AliceM is so full of glitz and glamour! A smashing colour palette of gold, silver, white, black and green combines to add a huge amount of pop, the pretty layered clusters are arranged in that visual triangle that always works so well on a page and the gold brushwork on the dark backdrop makes me think of champagne – or that gorgeous bokeh that we all aim for in our images! This page sure makes me want to celebrate this festive season!

My bonus pick today is Hard Times by twinsmomflor. I love all that this layout depicts. For me and my family, 2017 certainly hasn’t been the best of years and for once, I am looking forward to the end of December and looking ahead with hope and trust and faith for 2018. I love the journal-type look of this with the eclectic mix of brushes and the two solitary colours of yellow and blue/lilac against the monotone backdrop. A great ‘keeping it real’ page and one that makes me realise that whatever our struggles in life, we are not alone. A simply amazing layout!

I hope you’ve enjoyed checking out my picks for today. If you have a moment, please click on the links above and leave the artists a comment or two. I hope you have a great week and I’ll see you in the galleries!

13 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – December 10th

  1. wooow …. I am very happy for choosing my job … thank you very much !!
    it’s amazing that I’m here on this site!

  2. oh my word Liz!!!!!!! thank you SO SO much for the choosing!!!!!! an honor to be chosen by you, and I loved so much making the page, now you make me even prouder!!!! The whole post (as usual!) is absolutely amazing!!!!! love the festive feeling and so much elegance and passion in each page!!! Congratulations ladies!!!!!!!

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