Hello all you lovely crafty people! I had so much fun looking through the galleries today. All of the holiday pages are really putting me in the spirit of the season. Today we have a fun mix of Christmas, Christmas, more Christmas and one really happy just-because page! Come share the joy.

This is Liz J., and these are my picks. I hope you love them too.

Home for Christmas by Arte Banale

Agnieszka is one of my favorite scrappers, she is SO talented and creative! I could study her pages for hours. I love the inset photo of the cookies on top of the drawn house, it’s just so evocative and homey. I can just smell those cookies! Just beautiful, I love this one.

Handgemacht (DYD day 12) by Rikki

How special! This artist incorporated a hand-made card from a friend onto her page. It turned into a super, pretty, whimsical, fun page. Love the font for the title and the drawn ornament embellishments. And what a lovely tribute to the friend’s artistry, preserved forever on this page.

Happy by AnikA68

You have to smile at this fun page, don’t you?! That masked photo just screams joy. I really like the layers of texture, color and patterns used around the photo, and it’s the perfect word art too. Very fun page.

Merry everything by ferdy

The digital-ness of this page really caught my attention. There are certain things that can only be accomplished by scrapbooking digitally, and when it’s well done, it’s just amazing, like this page. The incredible shadow work makes that hohoho accent really pop, looking like a digital die cut. I like the word art extending across the photo. The unique stencil background really caught my eye, that’s a very cool lighting trick from top to bottom. A very festive and fun page!


Santa (C2C 2017: day 2) By LeeAndra

I find posed Santa photos very difficult to scrap, so I am always on the look-out for clever ideas like this one. The colors pop right off the page on this one, and such a great combination of colors they are! I love the circle cut out frame, and the text circle and doodly line circle surrounding the frame. Beautiful wood look print for the background. This is so fun with the bold beautiful big announcement of the big guy running across the page.

In the kitchen by seniorgal

I really enjoyed this one. Great whimsical not-traditionally-Christmas polka dot background, which lent this page a unique, original feel. I love the look of concentration on the little baker’s face as she criss-crosses the cookie with the fork! This post is great inspiration for all the holiday bakers, and a reminder to keep taking those precious photos. The small mats of plaid, stripes and floral papers worked well to give the photo a home.

I feel like baking Christmas cookies now, how about you?! Weren’t those fabulous?! If you loved today’s picks please click on the linked titles and let the scrapbooker know you appreciated their work. Have a great rest of the week!

4 thoughts on “Finger Pointing — December 14th

  1. Thanks so much for choosing my page, Liz! thanks for your words about it, it’s been 2 years since I last scrapped, I’m just over the moon to see my page here! congrats to the other girs too!

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