Happy Saturday!  I am not sure if I have mentioned it, but I am not a winter person.  Cold? No Thanks.  Snow?  No way.  Ice? Never!  Having said that, cold weather hit Indiana hard this week and there doesn’t seem to be an end in site.  So, since I can’t beat the cold, I figured I would find some winter pages in the gallery that made it look beautiful and appealing.  😉

Winter – AmieN1

My first choice Winter by AmieN1 was a good start to feeling better about the weather.  Her gorgeous photo sure makes all that snow and ice look magical.  I love the way the brilliant blue sky makes the photo pop against her white background — the same way it pops against the snow.  Her choice of papers echos the feeling of the photo with the neutrals, whites and greens and creates a beautiful backdrop.  The deer/winter wonderland pocket card is perfect as well, because there just have to be some deer in those woods, right?  Her lack of embellishments is also spot on as it alludes to the starkness of winter.  All around a fabulous winter page.

Winter Is Magic – Anne PC

The title of my second page, Winter is Magic by Anne PC, seems a little over optimistic to me, but the layout delivers.  After all, what is more magical than a child playing in the snow?  Her photos capture the joy and delight of frolicking in a winter wonderland perfectly.  Look at those rosy cheeks and that infectious smile.  While they didn’t quite make me want to roll around in the snow, they sure did make me grin.  I love that she kept her elements minimal and background neutral to echo the look and feel of newly fallen snow, but added the triangle mat for a bit of interest.  Another great page that makes the cold stuff look fun, not frozen.

Wonder – Isa Marks

Wonder by Isa Marks, my third pick, was an easy choice because it echos a lot of my winter emotions.  I wonder where all the snow is coming from and when it will end, and look no where as happy and beautiful as her photo subject, doing it.  With her eyes lifted to the sky and her arms open wide, the young girl is embracing the beauty and yes, wonder, of the season.  It is a fabulous photo and she highlights it beautifully with lots of mats, ribbons and paint.  I like her use of some non-traditional winter colors, the gold, pink and black, to add a punch of color to her page.  It gives the layout a sense of joy that further enhances her photo.  Finally the use of vellum feels a bit like a thin layer of snow over the grass and leaves, creating another fantastic winter layout.

Nilla – rfeewjlj

So, technically my next page is not a winter page, but I was getting cold and thought a heart warming page that I totally love, would be a good addition. Nilla, the layout by rfeewjij, is just as adorable as Nilla herself.  The way that rfeewjij framed the photo of Nilla, with the words, “Rescued is my favorite breed,” definitely called to me from the gallery as I have three rescue pups of my own.  Nilla’s eyes and her story also pulled me in as both are a little sad, but also full of hope for a wonderful future.  I like that rfeewijij kept the elements and matting simple and let Nilla and her story stand out.  She is a sweet little girl who does deserve a loving forever home and family and I hope she gets it soon. Like I said earlier, this is a heartwarming, and beautiful, layout.

Hello Cold Days – Lynn Marie

My next choice, Hello Cold Days by Lynn Marie, takes us back outside to the snow in a way that I can relate too.  I think the photo is fun — I love the downward view to the snow and her nice boots.  I think she plays it up beautifully with her choice of colors and elements.  By pulling the brown/tan of her coat and boots and the blue of her jeans into the snowy background, she creates the perfect, seasonal backdrop for the photo.  All that is fabulous, but I think I like her journaling best of all.  “Silver white winters that melt into springs.”  Now we’re talking about some of my favorite things too.

Comfy, Cozy, Cocoa Dreams – FILIPPOK

I choose my final pick of the day, Comfy, Cozy, Cocoa Dreams by FILIPPOK, because of the adorable photos and because if I have to do winter, I want to do it comfy and cozy too.  The photos totally capture the joy of the moment in a way we can all relate too.  How many times have we blown on a cup of hot cocoa with that look of anticipation in our eyes?  More than once I am sure.  The reds from the photos tie into the reds, blues and grays of the papers providing a strong punch of color that is softened by the pinks, greens and whites.  Finally, I love all the layers around the photo that echo the busyness of the background papers and provide a sense of excitement and a feeling of warmth that comes from within or a good cup of cocoa.

That’s it for me.  I hope you enjoyed today’s picks.  If you have time, please click on the individual links to leave some love for these memory keepers.  Thanks!  🙂

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