It’s beginning to look a LOT like Christmas in digi-world and I so much LOVE IT!!!!! To us here, December is a month of joy, and I have been having so many blessings that all the disastrous events (which are by now common in my life) fade away to give path to a heart full of love, faith and hope, now if only my body decided to cooperate…wouldn’t that be lovely?! Anyway, December is full of joy all over the world it seems, and from all over the world the pages are making the galleries shine!!!! I knew all through the week I was going to have a very tough time tonight picking just a handful of pages, not only Friday is a day when lots and lots of talented people post, but the thing aggravates as each of those talented scrappers have SO many pages posted in the day, sometimes is a – inie, minie, mieny mo (or whatever the spelling LOL) but finally I have arrived, with a heart full of joy, beauty, love & inspiration to share with you all!!!! I will try to be brief as it is already almost 04:30 am in this side of the world, remember please, you can get to the original galleries by clicking on the highlighted name of the LO and author, a word or two of praise can make all the difference in somneone’s life!!! So, in no particular order, here are the stars of the day:

DYD 2017 Day 1 by tkradtke: I am almost lacking words (which taking into account the way I talk/type…is a rare thing, but every sentence I think of seems not to be enough to describe my love for this, a page that, like the author herself, is the epitome of elegance. The awesome page design, wonderful simplicity of the enhancing the page with the journaling…oh … as I said: my heart FULL of JOY!!!!!

Following up with another super awesome Queen of Elegance, is this gorgeousness  Silly Girls by ashleywb, one of my first most amazing “teachers” in the marvels of blank space and whom I have not had the pleasure of featuring here for quiet a while, so I am delighted to be able to share this with you now. The photo is a diamond on it’s own, add to that Ashley’s beautiful treatment of it, the rocking combination of patterns, the superb layering and ohhhhhh my heart beats so fast and fills with joy again…those shadows!!!!! Love the detail of the almost completely hidden stitches and the mat made with the splash of paint and those sequins…perfection!!!!

And my heart continues to fill, literally, with Joy by EllenT.  Again: elegance in the most amazing way translated into a scrapbook page, the soft blues mixed with addition of silvery sparkling here and there, an array of textures that give depth to the whole thing, the amazing clusters in which she manages to use lots of elements without overwhelming the eye, those shadows that are spot on and the amazing feeling that  I have , when thinking blue and white should maybe give a cold feel, but all together here what I have is this beautiful feel of warmth!!! just superb!!!!!

Winter by Jenn McCabe : my heart continues to sing with another one of my most favorite people EVER, since the day I saw her very first page, this feeling of discovering a beautiful soul, and from then on with every page the feeling grew and still goes strong, by now, after a few years, completely knowing that the beauty in her pages extends, indeed, into her soul. Every page of hers has this magical touch, and in this one I rejoice with my new found love for winter, and she translates it all so well into the page!!! I have to confess I am amazed and keep going back to look to discover the way she did those amazing papers, the diagonal  creating an impact, the beyond amazing photo incorporated into the card/frame, the perfection in choosing the elements and with them the super gorgeous and delicate clusters and the elegance of that word art title… Pure.Awesome!!!!

Another superb page by another favorite lady: 2013-Dancing-at-the-EMP by Iowan is an explosion of color, a perfection in techniques, a proper gem like Carol produces always. Love her ability to go from super full on pages to the blank space and always achieve master pieces, and here, once again, she combines the best of the best : the extraction/ blend with those partial frames, the photos being already super creative and the use of such busy &  amazingly relevant background that creates a focal point and from there it keeps flowing and I keep discovering more and more little details…all wonderfully sealed with that beautiful corner cluster. Awesomeness!!!!!!

Good Times by Shannamay is gorgeous , creativity literally flows here with the superb clever cut out of the circles, so much fun and beauty with the photos, again, put together so creatively and the shadows giving depth, the perfection of the very very few elements but so amazingly placed they make a huge impact on the page…I am in love with the lizards stamp, the whole page is wonderful!!!!

Bringing back the feeling of the season and Christmas in particular, another couple of superb  pages, both very differently thought, but a pure example of how so very different approaches to a page can give so much amazing feeling, a perfect memory keeping in both these talented artists!

Dec 01 – 2017-Left by tracermajig : what a delight when a photo can speak so loud, be so beautiful and full of sweetness and fun, and the elegant touch of having the journaling with the tittle made to fit into that elegance!!!! I have no words, this is simple brilliant!!!! I would print this into a huge poster/canvas to look at it every day in my walls!!!

Last but never ever (especially in this lady’s case!!!) least, is this gorgeously festive page, Shopping by Stefanie. I am always , always amazed by her talent in memory keeping with the most wonderful ideas, the thoroughness and inventive ways each & every time, and this one is no exception!!!  So much to look at and discover, those pockets are gorgeous and perfectly shadowed, the elements same thing, LOVE each little flower, the golden bow on the top left with the semi-visible tag, everything has dimension, and the tittle work is the fabulous crown to this page…. I too want to go shopping with them!!!!

This is all from me today, hope you enjoy and get inspired as much as I do!!! Once again, click on the high lit names of the LO & author to get to their original galleries and leave them a word or two of love, lets make this month be full of love in our scraping families!!!! have a GREAT weekend!!!!




5 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – December 1st

  1. Fantastic picks Cynthia! I am honored and proud to be one of them. Thank you and have a wonderful holiday season!

  2. What a treat to be among such a beautiful group of pages! Thanks so much for choosing my page, Cynthia. I have to confess though, that the template did all the intricate shadow work for me. 🙂

  3. I adore your picks Cynthia … what a beautiful GSO post to mark the beginning of December! Thank you for choosing my page and I’m with ashley … Lynn Greiveson’s template did all the work on the design! It is a pleasure to play with her stuff …and of course all the other TLP designers’ goodies that found their way on my page! xoxo Beautiful pages ladies! WOW!

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