Hello hello again!  It is so so very cold in London, I decided to start earlier with this than usual, we are starting my daughter’s  celebration for her 21st next week and we have been on a time travel kind of mood looking at her photos … so on top of being Valentine’s/ Pink & love all over the place, I got even more loving with family pages…. I made a few of our own family, and found in the gallery some awesome creations too, so here I am ready to share them with you! I maybe shorter than  usual (or at least try!) as tomorrow will be a long day for us… but here you are: some of the most gorgeous pages from today’s galleries 🙂

I LOvE love love and can carry on LOVING the amazing fun that some challenges can be, and today my heart sung for quiet a while with some awesome art journal/fun play and I am particularly amazed with Uniquely Inching Along by dotcomkari. The whole thing is packed full of fun, amazingly put together colors, the amount of elements and the precision in the shadowing (which in this size can be even more challenging) this just makes my heart sing with intensity. Absolutely amazing page!!!!!

Another superb art work here in Selfie by scrapmemories. The page grabbed the strings of my heart and pulled tight…I LOVE portraits and this one is an absolute delight, it has awesome beauty, fabulous blending, gorgeous art work with the brushes, I love the black and white with the smokey urban feel, plus the touch of color that adds the perfect complement to the whole piece, plus she gives us an explanation as to this being her daughter and she herself being unable to do the selfie thing…I also think is a generational thing.. Sarita (my DD) is the one responsible for all our selfies…I myself resource to reflective surfaces like my car windows from outside, a shop’s window, a mirror or even kitchen appliances! LOL . Anyway, gorgeous daughter, awesome page!!!!!

From one daughter we go to 4 of them and a stunning, full of gorgeousness page takes shape from the hands of Vanessa, whom, in case you don’t know, is one of the creative minds/hearts & souls of ViVa Artistry. I love and admire this girl, she is so full of talent in every area of life, and in this page it is translated with the perfect ability for filing a page with perfection in every possible way… the photos are amazing, the framing and the fabulous way all the frames are fitted here, the perfect textures and shadowing that makes you want to reach to touch, so amazingly perfect they are! The work in the background is delightful, all the layering and shine sprinkled around..Outstanding!!!!! Winter 2016 by Unica

To carry on in the same line of thought, even with the tittle, is Another Family Photo – Love by klee73010. Delight is a small word to talk about this girl. I still remember seeing her arrive, fun & energetic, full of talent and, feeling the galleries with beauty and the community with fun in live chats…and couple of years on, she is still shining and fun and energetic, and this page is even more amazing to me as she rarely shows up in her pages (or at least I haven’t seen her in many) LOve the photo treatment, the super beautiful elements, the title work and to add to my scrappy heart, the journaling. All together this has so much warmth, beauty and light, and that wonderful smile reaches all the way here full of light!

Another awesome beauty with Brr by janedee, love the photo and the way that it is masked adds to the overall beauty of the page, the layering is subtle and even though technically there is blank space, the paper’s work in the background, all perfectly combined with elegance with the very few elements and a gorgeous overlay that give more volume to the page, those stitches in the background are so beautiful!!! There is a softness to the whole page that makes me fall in love with winter all over again! Also (I’m sure you know as I mentioned this so many times) the few words in the page description about this being a family outing and therefore letting us in in just a little bit more than just a visual beauty…to me it gets a lot more points…in this kind of art of ours…sharing becomes part of the art work!!! Wonderful page!!!

Last but absolutely not least, one of our fantastic Queens of Elegance and blank space, Farrah Jobling ‘s 09_25-2016_anniversary is proof of  sometimes less is more, and she says so much in this wonderful beauty! the photo is marvelous, the couple of details enhancing without breaking the perfect equilibrium of the minimalist style, all crowned by a gorgeous poem and, to me especially amazing, the pure white background which brings the photo to focus and all that love reaches us all the way here!!!

So this is all from me today, I hope you love these and that they inspire you to get scrapping too…if you could spare a minute or two to leave some love, it always brings happy to the artists’ hearts, You can click on the high-lit name of the LO and author to get to the original galleries. Thanks so much for looking, hope you have a great weekend!!!



5 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – February 10th

  1. thank you so much for picking my layout “selfie”. Your writing is beautiful and made me look even closer at the other picks. this made my day.

    1. Yours was the very first page I picked, and I was sure 100% that would stay…I generally have an average of 45 tabs open until I decide which are the best few… !!! <3

  2. What a lovely surprise this morning! Thanks so much for picking my page Cynthia. I must admit that I don’t always add journaling to my pages at the time of posting, but your kind words are making me rethink sharing the details more often.

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