Hello everyone, Margje here on this grey Sunday, with six gorgeous pages I stumbled upon 🙂 in the galleries this evening! How is your day going? Here in the Netherlands it’s cold but it’s getting better the coming days I heard! I wish it was spring already. Longing for some warmth and sunshine! The galleries are filled with all sorts of pages. Let’s see what I found for you!

On the streets of Bangkok by TillM

What a cool artsy page! I Love the masking along with the placement of the accent element, and the doll walking in the scene, traveling the world. And awesome how she repeated the lines in this gorgeous layout. Great colors too!

Vintage Spring florjuscrap

What an adorable and beautiful page! I adore the brush and masking work in this beautiful design. The contrast between the Black and White and colors ,the textures, placing of elements, it all works together here to make this page really stand out. I love it!

My Heart by caliten

I heart this vertical design. Love all the colors and the contrast with the Black and White, and all those elements she added. The awesome also great contrasted photo fits perfectly in there! I also like how she stitched it all together.

Winter walk by Pepette

Love the beautiful photo of those children walking in the snow! Love how the photo is framed with the spill over the frame, and the angle of the frame. She made the perfect background behind it. And I also like the little cluster with the snowman! It has a great winter feel!

Permanent Residents by isDK

I love to read how the birds dressed up for spring in this beautiful spread, and how  the amazing design flows across the page drawing your eye to the permanent residents. I also love the color palette with the subtle tones of yellow. I admire how she always gets her pages so perfectly balanced. It’s so pleasing to the eye!

Go Forth and be Fabulous by wendymck

This layout grabbed my attention. I am amazed the dress is made from broken tea cups and sun tea bags. And the model (her DD) is looking very beautiful too. I’m not surprised she won in the show! What makes it even more special is the geometric framing and the beautiful brushwork behind the photo. Now it also won a place in the GSO (LOL)

This is all from me today, hope everyone enjoys, has a great day…and don’t forget you can click on the high lit name of the LO and author to leave them some love in their galleries… TFL!!!! See you next time, Happy scrapping!


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