Hello and welcome to Wednesday! I hope everyone is having a wonderful week. Today we have a fun mix of projects that are all truly standouts, come take a look!

This is Liz J., and these are my picks.

2017 PL week 7 by RebeccaH

I am Project Life-challenged, so I am always fascinated when I find PL pages that seem to come so easily to others. Probably this was not as easy as she made it look, but the result is inspiring to the non-PLers in our midst that there is hope we could do this too! The dog really drew me in, and then I really took a good look at this page. It’s packed! I like the list-style text right in the middle, for easy reference. Very fun weekly captures here, and a lot of fun accents to create the wonderful whimsical feel to this!

Tata by nessita

This gorgeous page has an interesting split in the design, with the sketch-treatment destination photo taking up residence in the top half, and that interesting butterfly element along the bottom. I found that design very appealing. I also like the simple text line, which is made more dynamic by the wonky typewriter style – it looks kind of sing-songy, adding a whole other dimension to the piece. Quite cool!

Mini layout with washi tape by Sarah Richards

I love a good real life project! Part of the appeal of this one is the way she showcased the page, by photographing it with the photo-decorated pencil holder, and with the little washi tape rolls strewn strategically nearby. She created some very cool design features with the washi tape (I always seem to forget about washi tape, this is a good reminder of its varied uses)! I like the binder clipped banner too. I just went back to take a final look and noticed the kitty in the layout photo, that’s just fun!

My Secret Life as a Dog by connieg

You cannot go wrong with a good dog story, particularly one told from the dog’s point of view. The journaling on this one is truly delightful. The tilted filmstrips are just genius, adding such fun to this design! I love the blended big photo and inset “glamour shot” photo combination too. Who knew they give biscuits out at the bank? You’ve got to read the text on this one. Super cute page.

The Couch by hollygenc

This is such a boy thing, I had to pick this page. Anyone who’s ever spent time around little boys (or little kids in general) knows the appeal of couch cushion forts. Especially when you don’t have to share with your bigger siblings, it’s the best! The photos really express that sentiment well, and I like the design surrounding them too. The big b&w floral paper is a nice non-distracting backdrop, and I like the subtle repetition of that pattern underneath the journaling. The couch element is a cute touch. The title font totally worked. He will enjoy re-visiting this page later in life, what a great memory shared!

One Lifetime With You by EllenT

Whenever I see a really great page that lists a template in the credits, I like to check out the template to see how far the artist took the piece from the original template. And I must say that, even though this template has very strong lines, the design of the finished layout here just took my breath away in a way I wouldn’t have thought of in looking at the original. Which, I think, is a tribute both to the template designer, for providing a great starting place, and to Ellen, for an incredibly beautiful statement made with all of the components added together. Love that word art. The b&w split photo looks like a completely gorgeous scene among those soft greens. Love the “lifetime” barcode, that is a nice accent. Really effective shadow work on this page too. Well done.

Alrighty then, weren’t those special? If you loved today’s picks too, please click on the linked title and leave the artist some love. Have a great rest of your week!

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