Hello all! I’m running a little late with this post having spent a lot of time sourcing my picks for today but better late than never, hey?! The galleries are so full. Full of colour, full of different designs, arty, linear, layered and classic. There’s layouts with oodles of detail and others that are minimalistic. The thing they all have in common is that they’re all created by people who are passionate about story telling, about memory keeping and people who are happy to share the snippets of their life for others like you and I to enjoy. Let’s take a look at some fabulous pieces of work that resonated with me today.

Starting off with a primary colour combination is Jay Bike by mrivas. I love the bold blocks of colour here that compliment the story of the page, in particular the yellow block with the spot-on word art, brave. The wonderful series of photo’s tell the story which is backed up by the journaling – I love how the journaling is split between the photo top left which could be a layout all on it’s own and the journaling block bottom right. The linear design of the page works so well here and I love the mix of different sized photo’s and the various photo matting that has been used. A smashing layout!

Staying with primary colours for a moment, Sweetness by scrappydonna is a super example of how well a black and white photo (with some further photo treatment if I’m not mistaken and I love the crop) works well with various elements of colour. I love the top and bottom borders, how they differ from one another but both anchored by the triple line of stitching. The banner top left is balanced beautifully with the pretty floral cluster bottom right and the scatters and splatters tie the layout together. Finishing off with the word strips and heart and arrow stamp, this is a beautifully structured page!

Moving on from the primaries, Scenic Route 1946 by ptabbert proves how well landscape images work in tandem with blending masks that result in a fabulous work of art. I love how the image with it’s own leading lines spills outside of the frame and the distressed and vintage back drop does a grand job in providing a neutral base. The large and bold title work rounds this page off perfectly!

From an arty style we move on to the other end of the scale with Oh la la by margote05. A simply stunning page with super white space, I love the clean and classic layering of this one. Beautifully shadowed, the minimal layers combine together and the soft colour tones give a feather-light touch. The rounded corners are carried through to the little blocks on the vertical strip and I like that the word art to the right on the pink strip takes nothing away from title of the page that stands proud on a little layer of it’s own. So gorgeous!

Sometimes we just want to get a story documented that does not need to be supported by photo’s. Goals by LBscraps63 makes great use of patterned paper in a very clever way. The various pieces add so much interest and I like how the title of the page adds a different dimension. The smaller detail of the page, the chevrons, the paint splatters, the border strip to the right, the little stars, heart and flowers add a celebratory feel to the new beginnings story told in the journaling. Terrific!

I know I’ve mentioned in previous posts about us recording the good and the not so good and the fact that I always admire an artist who can document and share the more difficult stories about this thing we call life. So I take my hat off to Jasmin as she recorded a difficult time with her layout appropriately entitled Some Days are Hard. I love how the majority of the page is made up of grey tones and the scribble indicates that more often than not hard days generally tend to be ‘messy’ too. The word strips are encouraging affirmations and I like the repetition of the photo while the circular one supported by the stitching and flower element dares to be different to the blocks that make up the design. The most telling thing for me on this layout is the block of colour together with the scatters of colour appear to indicate there is light at the end of any tunnel and things will get better. A super ‘this is real life’ page!

I do hope you’ve enjoyed my picks for today as much as I did in finding them. If you get a chance, please check out the links above and leave a comment or two for the artists. Till next time, enjoy the rest of your weekend, take care and I’ll see you in the galleries!

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