Hello my amazingly awesome friends! So here I am, writing the morning after to the evening I should have been writing. My health is, to put it mildly, not very well, so last night I decided that a fresh mind after sleeping would help with my being unable to choose from the 47 tabs I had opened on selecting  in my rounds around the galleries…I should have known it doesn’t make a bit of a difference, but after much deliberation, torn in between my love for full pages and the blank space Queens… here I am with (just a tiny bit more than I should)  some absolutely un-missable pages from all the talent around. The theme is LoVE, of course, in every way and form…. hope you find these as amazing & inspiring as I do.

I’m going to start with one of my most loved (if not the number one…I have not once seen a page of hers that doesn’t make me go w0w), admired, incredibly talented artist that is EllenT.  She calls this page Things to Come, and I really don’t know where to start on reasons why I love this so much. The photos, super cute (that even make me feel broody- no biological way I can have another child- so I go back to thinking I wish I had the time machine to go back some 21 years!!! LOL) And the whole art work she has put into this page is so real, so beautiful, so perfect… she has managed to please my inner element hoarder without making a mess of the page (she never does, of course!!!)  The gorgeous take on the template -which I had to look twice to make sure it was actually the template-  is so superb, that in here we see the perfection of template designer and LO artist at work: amazingly awesome.

Now here is a page by someone very well known to all of you too, and another one of my/The supreme number ones of creativity in this whole industry. She is full of life, fun, strength, humor even in facing the most difficult times – and even sparing her time to some of us in need of strength, support & guidance- always shining in the galleries with whatever style – though I think we should have an “AoA” style, as she plays with pages I’m always wanting to lift and cannot be fitted in any denomination!!!!- She is awesome and her awesomeness reflects in every page… this one is so superb, so full of happy, amazing  things to find in this composition, a page I would love to print and frame. Looking at the credits list and the diversity of pieces so well put together, functioning as they all came from one place, the gorgeous face of this blessed boy – I have to confess, I want to be adopted by her too-  I need to add the detail of her sharing how the page came about, this, in my books, takes the page to an even higher level. I can not not share this with you all: AnneofAlamo’s 06282016-j-head-copy  may have a very  non magical name but can we please have a round of applause to this super magical page? Thanks 🙂

More magic with another one of my most admired, awesome, wonderful creatives – all three of them are impossible to not pick, as Ellen & Anne, I have not ever seen a page of theirs that isn’t a master piece!!!! – I remember when I was invited to come participate of the blog, and I felt so much of a responsibility and was even a bit scared of not being able to do this right…and I found a page by Carol. My very first pick and the one who gave me the best ever start for this …. and she has never disappointed since. She is one of those who can fill a page in such a marvelous way, you can get lost in looking for more to surprise you, the whole thing here is magical, the photo such a perfect capture of a little girl’s life, the magic of childhood worked into this page so much that I can almost feel I’m in that time travel machine looking at Sarita (my DD) in this same feeling/moment. The fabulous blending, the gorgeous mastering of making work paints with more corporeal elements and scatters and photo treatment and….what can I say? every little millimeter of this page is magical. As she always does (and I’m so happy she isn’t listed in our 7 days list so I can share this page with you) Carol/Iowan has made this 2009, Alex, The Right Shoes a complete and total Stand Out .

Another amazing scrapper who also isn’t a stranger to this blog,  another amazing piece full of magic, this time with the blank space and elegance in the take on a template that gives so much sweetness to my heart, makes me keep staring, another awesome childhood moment, perfectly captured – I know I have so many photos of my girl sleeping, there is that magical peace about them that makes us want to capture this moment and she has done so well here!!!!- the gorgeous choice of background, the amazing pieces and super shadows that give so much depth to the page, this is also so full of details so perfectly placed… my heart keeps getting full of love!!! The page is by msbamf2you and she calls it zzzzz … it just makes me want to look for a little bit longer. Absolute delight!

So, love for our children in the many various stages, now I come to another love I love to reflect in my own pages and have a passion for discovering new gorgeous ways of translating into them: the love for traveling. And a perfect, amazingly beautiful way of translating it I have found in this page, Amsterdam {Europe 2016} by caliten.  I am so in awe of the whole page, the photo which captures a very special time of the day with beauty and another dose of magic, the absolutely awesome, fun, marvelous title work!!!!! this all works together so perfectly I want to express all that comes to mind and think is too many words, there is so much put together here and it all works so harmoniously well!!!! The more personal photo, the cards that are perfect, I have to mention again the fabulous tittle work…& the addition of little bits that make this also cute and… I am running out of words. I can’t read the journaling but I am sure it adds to the overall perfection of this superb page. LOVE love LoVE!!!!!!

More love and this one brings together both my love for films and musicals…..  I am always always amazed by her talent to make the blank space, minimalist style shine and speak so loud…. and this is a true gem, with magic shining through the perfectly blended image and the awesome art work with all the paint put together!!!! The perfection of the text blended within, the magic of this all just has me singing…in my case, of course, is Wicked the Musical (what happened before Dorothy “dropped in” ) I’m amazed by her saying she has never watched The Wizard of Oz…ohh you should!!! and then go to Wicked the Musical!!!! imagine the pages I can find from you!!!! You would have to let me print and frame!!!! Love this awesome, amazingly beautiful page: Every Great Dream by pam p !!!!!!!!!

Then I come across this awesome page that combines love for the little ones with another love of mine which is the passion for reading. The page is called Read : Know : Grow , made by ruthmelody (even her name sounds magical!!!) The whole thing is so beautiful, perfectly managing the background work with those awesome shadows and the gift for combining the patterns, and then the superb center composition that takes the power of digital to levels that make my heart full of love and wanting to reproduce this… the layering that also is perfect in the shadows, beautiful color combo, amazing addition of elements that are so delicate and together with this sweet photo speak so loud with elegance and delicate touches…then there is that perfectly blended stamp with the books…all tied up with the side word art/journaling that completes this jewel….!!!!!

With this next page, a few loves of mine: one , my new-found love for winter: being tropical for half of my life somehow made me weary of the cold weather, but first I found the physical enjoyment of the season sometime in 2005, then, as my years of scrapping made me discover how beautifully this can be translated into a page…well, it was a given. Then we have my love for designers who scrap….and she is one of my most loved in both counts: her designing and her scrapping talent go hand in hand, and this page, Welcome Winter by the talented Akizo has to be shared! I am sure  you- if don’t know her already, but am sure you do- can see why I love this so much!!! She manages to combine  so much with elegance and perfect technique, the photos are amazing and the way they are put together and enhanced by the awesome amount of gorgeousness added to them, the perfect shadows, awesome tittle work and the literary account in the journaling….. once again: magic and love all around!!!!

Last but in no way least, I have a couple of pages from people who are, in their very particular way each of them, special to me.-  First this page,  Be Strong by norton94,  I’m going to try to give you in a very objective way why I am choosing this page. I’m saying I will try being objective because Krista is a Friend, the one person I owe my having survived the past 3 years and especially still scrapping publicly, which she didn’t let me quit when I was struggling the most emotionally. I’m explaining you this so you can understand how I know about her struggles, not only on the subject of this page but also her own health but lets go back to being objective. When we scrap about our children, and we have to scrap that hurtful side of love, the one that in my own experience is the most difficult feeling in the world for a mother- never I have hurt so much as when Sarita is ill, no matter how “small” the illness- is a pain that not all of my conditions put together can reach. So here, scrapping a chronic serious condition of your young daughter, a condition that should not ever affect a child or teen, something that should be left to us old ones…. what I see here is so much love and effort, and very objectively the superb way the big photo’s art work, the blending involved, the amount of papers and work involved just in the background…then we have the perfect balance of cards, elements, word arts and journaling… and again I just realized this is a template, one I know also- which again, like I said in the beginning of this post- shows the brilliancy of template designer and superb LO artist at work. This is another example of something you may have read me say a lot: the magic of scrapbooking as an art form, the power we have of transforming the not so beautiful, sometimes down right ugly things/events into beautiful pages that are full of love .

To kind of summarize my way to deal with these difficult feelings dealt with above, a page that comes in good timing for my sometimes weakening faith, my impossibility to see why these kind of things, the suffering of young ones, the untimely death of some and, most particularly, my deep inner feelings about my own keep fighting, is  this page: It Ain’t Yours To Give Away by LeeAndra. We have never spoken one 2 one. I don’t know her personal struggles further than through her own pages, but she has a brave heart and and an amazing talent to share it with us, so I have come to understand, love her and feel so close as some of what she shows us is so alike my own personal struggles….and this comes as a reminder….she is so beautiful, her smile radiating so much into this page that I can see the diamonds coming out of her soul. The apparent simplicity of the composition that gets stronger with every piece she added, the almost golden background , a strong pattern, is enhanced by the journaling in those red pieces and the tittle work… I need to remind myself of this. Love the layering and the beautiful scatters that come together in one with everything here…. I don’t think I can say anything else, it is all so well said here…once again..the magic of the scrapbooking. All present.


So, I have talked a lot considering my intention was to get in and write a quick bit for each page and go back to my catching up….so I hope you didn’t get bored and have gotten something apart from the inspiration that these amazing pages give visually…. as usual, if you can spare a minute or two, clicking on the high-lit name of the LO and author will take you to their original gallery, leaving some love can make every person’s day/week….so, we are grateful that you stopped 🙂  I have made all efforts to check that no typos/grammatical horrors stay , but apologies if any is find. Hope you have an amazing weekend!!!!

12 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – February 3rd –

  1. Cynthia, I am so honored to be one of your picks for today. Outstanding, everyone of them. I bet you did have a hard time narrowing down the list. As always, you have brightened my day! Thank you!

    1. I had a tough time also deciding which one of your pages to grab…..honestly, you make my heart be full of beauty <3

  2. Thanks for including my layout in this amazing group, MrsPeel. My husband (the guy in the inset photo) complained about not being able to read the journaling either, but to my eye it was too distracting in a larger type size. So, the journaling reads:

    In the dying light of a wonderful day, we headed back to Amsterdam Centraal. Along the way we stopped at a Starbucks, grabbed afternoon coffees, and squeezed together around a tiny little cafe table outside, watching the sun slowly sink toward the western horizon. The light was amazing, washing our faces in color and casting long shadows upon the ground.

    1. ohhh thanks so much for the journaling!!!!!! I told you it would make the page even better!!!!!!!!! I wasn’t complaining about that, more like mentioning my thought out loud, I am almost 60 and my sight is poor, LOVE your page, absolute art work.. my daughter also loves Amsterdam, I am still to organize a trip…. now want it more than ever after this awesome page!!!!

  3. Thanks for your wonderful comments about my page. I am honored to be included with such talent..Thanks to all the other picks …it’s like being in a beautiful mini-gallery!

  4. I’m grateful to be included here – if even because you know our story and relate – but I’m most honored to be counted among your friends and be even partially responsible for your scrapping and sharing your love and talent in the scrap art community. You are so full of love and light – lifting others daily even when you feel terrible. Thank you Cynthia – you matter! To the others featured – wow. Grateful to be included with your pages, because just wow!

  5. Wild thing, you make my heart sing. Your words always pick me up..you give my ego such a boost with your kind praise.. I’m so flattered to be your ncluded with this crop of cool pages.

  6. oooooooooooooh you spoil me with your words! I had too much fun making my baby boy’s head explode! tee hee
    I was trying to explain you to my husband last night, and wound up in tears, I don’t want you in pain…and he says,” you really care for this lady?” I nodded and said, this hobby has hearts in it, and hers is bigger than them all! I love you lady…you are pretty awesome!
    and well, I am giggling to be a GSO, it is an honor!

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