Hello, I am here to wind up the weekend! Hope you all had a great weekend. In the United States (and in my living room) the Super Bowl is underway, which made for a great time to check out galleries! Today’s picks are all about great designs. Come take a look, I know you will enjoy these too.

This is Liz J., and these are my picks.

right here by Sokee

The only thing I love more about seeing a page that shows a cool adventure taking place, is reading about the cool adventure taking place! She painted such a great atmosphere with this page, it made me want to visit there too. I like the unique vertical design with the curling edge of the photo, and the slightly not-straight stitching. The all-caps journaling makes a different statement, great way to mix in that voice. There are some fun, subtle touches to this page that appealed to me too, like the translucent banner across the top, the sprinkling of brushed dots, and the mixed font title work.

You are my favorites by VBeata

This is a real-life paper page, which I am always excited to share on this blog. She created a super fun look using a big-circle print background, and adding punched out circles, word art and puffy stickers in a diagonal that leads your eye up the page. Great use of foam dots to give this some oomph! Love the addition of the stitching to secure some of the circles. I like the circular text she added in a couple of places.

View over the Oresund by Naadi

That is a very cool design! I love the doodly arrow leading us into the photo. The stamped and hand-written title and date work is so fun, particularly the direction change. The handwritten text paper on the left reminds me of a letter you might write to a friend while on holiday in this place, and the button securing it to the page makes a nice real-looking embellishment. Love the way the focus hugs the side of the page. I really enjoyed this one.

Happiness by blackkathy

Okay, so I am a little bit partial to pages about grandchildren, I’ll just say that right away. But, even if I weren’t, this is a killer design and I would have picked it for today’s post anyway. To me it’s an added bonus that the subject gets her status of “granddaughter” embossed across the page! That alpha work is very clever, and the diagonal design is super eye catching. Love the text paper for the insert piece, breaking up the dark outer paper. The flowers, button, word art and ribbon make nice accents, just enough, not too much. It’s an adorable photo, nicely popped off the page with some fun shadow work. The diagonal text was in a big enough font to be readable, which was a smart approach. Love it!

Me & You by aussiekat

With Valentine’s Day approaching, we must have at least one page to celebrate love in this post! I went right to this one in the gallery, it is just so sweet and shouts love. I particularly appreciate when the artist tells us the circumstance of the page, either on the page directly or at least in the comments. This one made me smile, to know it was an aunt celebrating her niece’s wedding. The heart-shaped photo worked really well here! Love that word art border, it makes a nice shift from the traditional look of the polka dots on the right to the paint-blotted, artsy canvas on the left. The colors are just fun! I really like it when elements intended for one thing are used creatively, like the painted journal lines accenting the title work and under the elements here.

Happy Little Boys by jcaruth910

This design just melted my heart! That sketch turning into little boys painting is just genius, isn’t it? Joanne created great movement on the page too with the arrow graphic lines and the doodly line leading us through the page. This is a particularly effective use of masking against the wood look background, it’s like we’re standing in the art studio with them. So wonderful!

Weren’t those terrific pages today?! If you loved them as much as I did, please click on the linked title and leave the artist some praise. Have a great week!

5 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – February 5th

  1. Thank you so much Liz for featuring my page!! You put a great big smile in my heart tonight! I think it is the beautiful Megan Haley though that makes it stand out.

  2. Thank you, Liz, for picking my page! Been a long time since I’ve had a GSO pick — and it still gives my goosebumps! 🙂

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