Hello!!!! Hope you are all well, enjoying the weekend! I come back to the blog after a few weeks, as my 6 months old iMac decided to crash on me over Christmas…so it was a guest at the Apple store for repair. Very long story short: I’m  glad to be back sharing with you our love for all things scrappy, hope you all had a great Holiday and that life is treating you kindly in this new year! As I keep telling you, the job of narrowing down to only a few pages from all the talent in the industry isn’t an easy one, so you are getting a few more from me today. Hope you love them and get inspired as much as I do!

I’m going to start with Winter Wonderland by breakingbrie,  this delightful page which brings such a beautiful feeling of the season. It is freezing here in England, I don’t recall a winter like this for at least 15 years. Though this time there is no snow in London, looking at this I can feel myself right there…. the big photo is perfect with the angle making all other pieces of the composition come together almost as part of the image. The layering/cluster work is so beautiful and makes me want to keep looking to discover more new elements that keep popping to the eye, shadows are great too & there is a subtle detail of the borders,  the tittle font is beautiful, this is a total delight!!!!

Next up is Our Rural Life by Amson, and here, as she usually does, she makes elegant, clean lines that make my heart fill with beauty. The black background, the amazing composition, the perfect balance of space and color, the not your everyday photo that speaks… and that detail of the bottom border with the added little bit of journaling makes this into a marvelous stand out!!!!

From this modern clean cut lines’ page above, we move onto another amazingly talented artist who is also elegance itself in each of her pages, in this case with a shabby feel, beautiful nostalgic tones and her usual perfection, IntenseMagic brings us MOC17—Inspiration, and is inspiration in each little bit! The take on the template is awesome, the photos so at home within this gorgeous lines and the most amazing elements, love the texture mixture and how cleverly the paints are used to give accent in some places… and those shadows? my heart sings loud !!!! Once again, I could be here for hours, so much beauty and perfection oozing from this page!!!!

Now moving on to the documenting every day life with a talent worth of some glossy magazine, I found two pages that are gorgeous and show how many different styles can be used to fill the page and make chronological scrapping wonderful and fun: RebeccaH PL 2-17 wk3: Search for Beauty combines everything that made me fall in love with her pages, her family and her amazing talent (and determination to follow up the project which I wish I had!!!).  I look at this and I’m almost at loss for words…the photo angles are not only fabulous but also the way she integrated the composition and made them give the page movement, those gorgeous cards, the fresh feeling of the colors, shadow perfection  and, to make it all even more amazing…the line she gives us in the page description/credits is another show of talent, which most of us have to grab & hold on to…this is so very beautiful all together, Just.Perfect.

Another gem in the galleries documenting everyday life on a full on page comes from ZhuLi with Week 2 – 2017. There is so much to take in here and still so perfectly clean cut, love LOVE love the amount of photos fitted here to perfection, and so much journaling to keep a proper, beautiful record )once again, I wish I had the determination to do this!) The framing of each section is gorgeous, the details added here and there without breaking the clean lines, the amazing tittle work, all put together with gorgeous shadows, every addition another gem, like the cherish word art & the tiny flower row on top left… all shinning and painting a huge smile in my face!!!

From the everyday record to the expression of pretty much everything with mixed media/art journal, I have the huge pleasure to share this extraordinary page by EllenT , Never Quit. It is no secret I love her pages with a passion, and this one is particularly grabbing my heart in every possible way. The take on the template is perfection and, as she always does, there is lots to discover in the page, beauty in the mixture, the doodles feel like casually thrown there and make a perfect lines connecting every piece of the page…the fitting of the art journal doll/female drawing onto the template’s photo spots is wonderful, I could be here listing every item in the page and how wonderfully all is fitted into this amazing page! Loving the scallop border held to the page with those awesome stitches…. each and every little bit here makes my heart fill with joy!!!!!

I know I should be stopping here, but honestly cannot not share these other pages with you. Still on the art journal/photo-less style, a page by a lady who makes me want to get on a plane and go hug her, spend time with her -awesome- family and get intoxicated with her laughter and strength, faith and determination.  This page, 19MOC5 – toot-my-horn by Anne of Alamo, one of the most beautiful, amazing talents and personality of this whole industry, is just the way she is: simple but at the same time rich, happy and fresh, relaxed and positive….the whole page made with doodles just a touch of color and a listing of achievements…of course we could all write her a list of her achievements that would run for miles and miles….the whole thing is so beautiful, so much fun, so clever and full of soul…exactly like she is. Absolutely amazing page, has to be shared!!!!

Another art journal awesomeness, coming from this talented girl I remember meeting back in 2011 at Tangie’s Art Journal Caravan, and couldn’t believe my eyes the amazing pages she created…if I loved her then…now she has grown so much, I wish I had more time in the world to be able to follow her galleries more, because she most certainly is a huge inspiration to many of us. This page is one of those you don’t come across often, with perfection in blending, amazing line of thought for the composition and such a strength in the whole page…. BeBetter600 by ArmyGrl is a piece of art I would love having hanging on my walls, the cover of a book, just beautiful, powerful image, which also a beautiful & clear message. LOve LOVE love and then love a bit more!!!!!

Another photo-less page, a wonderful and gorgeous, perfect take on a challenge , by another one of those amazing presence in the galleries.. even though we have never really talked in a one to one basis, I have followed her awesome pages for 5 or 6 years…remember her being very welcoming when I hang out at a site that no longer exists…she was one of these people who made me fall in love with the scrap community…. and I am so delighted to see her around a lot more now, like in many other cases, I wish I could clone myself to be able to get around the galleries and see more of these awesome people’s pages…. but, anyway, I am talking too much again LOL. The girl I’m talking about is LeeAndra and her page is called Winning 2016. Love the apparent simplicity, the gorgeous choice of background, the superb big tittle, every little detail perfection, and every perfection has a perfect shadow!!!!! Love and LOVE more again!!!!!

Before I go and to round up into an even number, there is this jewel of fun, sweetness and love I found. A page by another lady I wish I had time to follow closer, mrsashbaugh with Rainbow Dash. I didn’t even need to click in the thumbnail to know I would LOVE this, the template so very well translated, a job here that for someone like me, who has trouble combining two patterned papers…is a total master class!!!! LOVE the colors, how beautiful and perfectly combined the colors are in the unicorn and the bottom borders are delightful ! The child is so cute, and the colors of the toys in the photo  together with the super cute unicorn and all those awesome clusters with colorful flowers… all make me happy and therefore such a great start for my Saturday!!!! (05:31 am here!) Gorgeous page!!!!!

I will leave you now, hope that you enjoyed these as much as I do, and find inspiration  in these amazing artists/ As usual, if you could spare a minute or two, you only need to click on the high-lit name of the LO & Author, it will take you yo their original galleries so you can leave them some love, we all know how wonderful a word or two can work in changing our day for the better!!!!

Thanks so much for sharing !!!!!




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  1. oh my goodness, I am reading and saw it was me…and just wanted to hug you so much. I had such a dear time making this page, as I can’t draw a straight line with a ruler, and having someone else make the doodles for me..is so helpful…and well, my family would so love to have you on the couch and laugh right along with you!
    thank you

    1. I keep praying that the encounter will happen nothing could make my heart better than go meet your family <3 you already shine in my life <3

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