Tiptoeing through the digi galleries, sipping on a nice cup of pumpkin spice coffee… not a bad way to start a sunny Saturday morning! It looks like a lot of my fellow scrappers are taking advantage of the kids being back in school after the holidays and scrapping to their heart’s content. There are some beautiful pages in varying styles all over the galleries so it’s tough to narrow it down to only select a few. But such is the job, right? 😉

The Last Photo of an Only Child by tjscraps


You can’t not click on it to read the story… you have to know! The photo draws you right in to the scene, you feel like you’re standing behind her pensively staring at the beautiful view, too. Once you read the journaling you realize this day, it’s kind of like the calm before the busy starts. I love the choice of the two scripty fonts, the pastel element choices along with the ethereal feel of the photo treatment, the playful feel of the string element and the doodled edges.

Mosaic Blooms by jlholden15

Very striking! It caught my eye right off with the bright colors on that black background. Nice choice of the doodles and the imprecise photo sizes to break up the grid feel.

Little Things Matter by AnikA68

Just the photo sets the mood, even if we couldn’t read the journaling. I like how the focal point for the page is anchored at the sides and bottom with the black of the circle doodles and date stamp. The pops of lavender and orange reflect a real happiness to me.

Winter Wishes by blondy

Just beautiful clustering here! She managed to capture movement and sheer happiness with the photos and created an almost woodland scene with her page design. All the little bits tucked above and behind, the repeated elements and colors create such nice balance. Really very pretty!

2017 Jan 19 MOC by Amanda.c

I love how she chose to focus on ways she grew over the course of the year, challenges she tackled, causes she supported. What a great way to summarize! The circles for journaling feel almost like thought bubbles. I love the diagonal flow of the page design. Go, Amanda!

Her Joy by Tronesia

It always seems like I can pick Tronesia’s pages out of the gallery! Perhaps it’s recognizing her adorable children but I think more it’s recognizing her photography skills, clean lines, crisp backgrounds and her amazing shadowing. She has a knack for a playful style and attention to scale. Really lovely!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks today. Why don’t you do a little finger pointing of your own and leave some love for your fellow scrappers today?

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