Hello everyone. I hope you are enjoying your Sunday! I have been peeking in the galleries and I would love to show some of the layouts that really caught my eye. I hope they bring you some nice scrapping inspiration! So let’s take a look!

2017 Christmas Cactus times by easyeyes4you

What a beautiful page! I so love the dimension and perspective! The masking and blending is very well done here! I love the colors and beautiful brush work too, and the scribbles and lines give it a bit of movement. It all works together perfectly!

Resolutions by jaye

What a fresh and beautiful page! I love the colors together with the Black and White photo. That photo is pretty awesome too! Awesome layering and design! A great page to look at! I hope that many doors will open for her!

Oh deer! By SonjaS

Fantastic page! Love this artsy beautiful phototreatment in the photo and in the whole layout! Beautiful white space balance and an awesome blending at the top of the page! I love the colors together too! It all is so pleasing for the eye! Great winter feel she created!

Princess by mymalloryboys

What an adorable and joyful page! I so love all the hearts (must have taken her forever) and all the beautiful colors. That photo of the girl with her crown is so sweet! Very awesome layering and design. I get happy looking at it!

Anaphora by Adryane

Way cool and awesome! That’s what I thought when I saw it in the gallery! This lady has such  great style and creativity! I love this artwork! The design, the colors, the birds. She even wrote that her son is in there! Well I keep looking and looking! It became a very interesting abstract piece of art with a wonderful energy to it!

MOC5-21 by jjpederson125

This page jumped on me as I saw it! I love to see a dark background with everything popping out like that! Don’t know why but I hardly ever work with a dark blackground! In this page it’s so very effective and beautiful! Love the glow as the title already says it, and the wonderful song lyric and journaling. And yes we must always try to find the glow in those dark hard times!

That’s it for now! I hope you’ve found inspiration in the Standouts I’ve chosen (I sure did!)! I’ll see you all in the galleries and forums again real soon! Stay warm! Until next time! Happy scrapping!

10 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – January 22th

  1. WOW… What a surprise Did not expect to see my page front and center here! I read my mail upside down, so I have not seen what was probably sent to me telling me I had been chosen… Thank you so much… FYI this challenge told us to take “anything” and put under multiple layers and clip.. so there was only one actual clipping mask used.. the rest, 3 more layers, were elements sort of like clusters… Thank you so much for choosing my page… Liz (aka easyeyes4you)

  2. Thank you so much for choosing my page, Marianne! I’m very honored to be among these beautiful pages! Great job every one!

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