Today’s picks are about love letters, great titles, cool photo crops and lots of great feelings! Come take a look, I know you will enjoy today’s pages.

This is Liz J., and these are my picks.

Vienna by michele hillam

I love the wire title work on this one, don’t you? I’m always interested in successful letter sized pages, and this one really shines. Love the paint behind the photos and title, the swirly string, and the whimsical embellishments. That stacked journal spot under the top photo provided just enough room for the story, which I enjoyed reading. All of the little touches like the buttons, flowers and banners really add just the right amount of flair.

Lucky in love by luan37

Wedding photos and wedding albums can be kind of tricky to scrap, because there is a lot of same-ness from photo to photo. It is so fun to see a unique idea for a wedding theme, like this one! I love that idea to combine the bright patterned non-wedding themed paper with that adorable cropped photo. It’s clearly a bride and it makes a very distinct statement about her attitude and optimism for the future. I like the little leaf scatter with the butterfly, for a simple and sweet accent against that neutral wood background.

Week 2 letter home by beckychart

It’s a love letter! That’s a lovely way to commemorate an important anniversary. This has a unique and effective color combination. Love those torn big corner patterned paper pieces. The white hand-written font lends a more personal feel against the darker background, and the text is just wonderful. Congratulations on your anniversary, and I too wish you many more happy years together!

beach time by emily33

This makes such a beautiful impact with the large, sepia photo bordered with the big, bold elements across the top. The corrugated cardboard title works well in the photo’s white space. The little bits of floral and script text overlay in the corners creates a nice balance.

Little happy moments by JanaO

Love that photo technique, wow! Lots of fun blending on this page, with a cool color block background that appears to be incorporated into the photo. The little border embellishments tie it all together beautifully.

Getting Along by kathleen.summers

What a beautiful page! Kathleen has an amazing eye for combining elements. Gorgeous colors and embellishments to border the photo cluster. It was smart to convert a couple of the photos to black & white, it makes it quite restful. I really like the way she numbered the photos with the large alpha numbers, and gave us a key to match the action in the photos, that’s a great idea. Nice combination of fonts in the title too. Love this one!

Weren’t those lovely?! If you enjoyed today’s picks, please click on the linked titles and leaves the artists some well-earned praise! Have a great rest of the week!

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