Good Monday Morning and hello to JULY!!! Wow. This is Trace and I am so happy to be posting on my first day of summer. My kids finished school a few days ago and we are ready to have some time off. Searching the galleries is so much fun in the summer because of all the wonderful activity pages to see. However, I am totally in love with the artsy/art journal look, I decided to focus on that today because there were SO many amazing artsy layouts put in the galleries this weekend. So, here we go with my picks…

I love the colour orange and this layout just pulsated at me from the gallery. The way Beaute used the colour orange in this freaktastic layout is just inspiring to me. I love the image. It just blends so well and the white face pops off the page. The music brush is fantastic and I love the scribbles and the cracks. This layout is outstanding!

Next up is a lovely, whimsical piece of art. The background with the butterflies and the dandelion seeds is so adorable but yet keeps the artsy feel. I adore the stamps over the image. That little girl with her big glasses is just as cute as a button. Cinna has knocked this one out of the park!

Not so much artsy in it’s look, but THAT EXTRACTION work by Gina is an art in itself. Look at it!! Look at the perfection here! It’s brilliant. I love the big cluster and the way she framed the photo. It really looks like the girl is sitting along the frame. It’s just so wonderfully done, it makes me smile. Love her outfit too!

This layout is beautiful. So calming, so serene, and so wonderfully put together. I really like how the photos don’t really match the word art, but it! I love the blends and layers here. The window blend is perfect. I love the mix of elements and brushes and randomness of the photos. It’s just art….that’s it. Well done LiMa Inspirations!

Okay, can we just pause and look at this layout for a moment? Really LOOK at it. Margje has created magic. From the painted background to the brushes and stamps, to the wild placement of the background images and that AMAZING…truly AMAZING photo treatment!! Not to mention the extraction of said photo! It’s just genius! I love the title on the back white square. I love the hands reaching out to touch you! I just am speechless! Just beautiful.

Finally, this beauty by TrishD. Wow, wow, wow. Is all I can say! The font over the photo is what drew me in and then on closer look, I gasped. This layout is awesome. Just awesome. I love everything about it. The bold treatment on the eyes in the photo is amazing. The shadowing is flawless and the background is super duper! I love the cluster. Mixing the brushes and the actual elements is brilliant and so well done. I just want to hang this layout in my bedroom! It’s so fantastic. Thank you TrishD for sharing it with us!

That’s all for me today! I hope you are all enjoying the summer weather and are making more memories and taking more photos so we can all see your brilliance when you create your layouts! Happy Scrapping..until next time!



6 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – July 3rd

  1. Thanks so much for higlighting my page! Congratulations to the other artists too! Gorgeous pages are selected here today!

  2. Thanks so much for choosing my page. What a buzz to start my day Congratulations to all the other artists too! They are awesome

  3. You are all so deserving and very welcome! Thank YOU for giving us such beautiful work to admire.

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