Hello!!! Hope you are all well, around here in London, the weather is playing the extreme heat and just now (almost 3am of Saturday!!!) it is giving us a bit of a breather so I thought I get to come here to enjoy the gorgeous pieces in the galleries and get inspired helping you getting inspired too! With July started and the hot temps in some parts of the world, the themed summer pagers abound, all of them are more than amazing which, as usual, kept me hours trying to decide which pages to keep…but finally got down to very few, here they are:

Summertime by wombat146 is one of those jewels (as she does!!) that shows how a scrapbook page can transform a wonderful photo into an even more wonderful, shining piece of art and even give it soul…. love the word art used fir the title, the way it reflects the light & plays with the golden sun…overall perfection!!!

Following the summer theme, I’ve found this incredibly, beautiful, amazingly well composed  page, summertime by gracielou. There is so much so beautiful, the whole page is so amazingly though through, that the choice of every paper adds and the sum of all the parts is beyond perfection. There is everything: the gorgeous photo treatment, word arts, beautiful and super elegant cluster, the journaling, each & everything so little and delicate…as I said: beyond perfection.

And as we go escalating into the summer theme, here I found it in all it’s glory in fls by Marnel:  super fun photos, an explosion of color so well mixed with all the bits and pieces  and then we have those absolutely perfect, awesome shadows!!! the layering  is so rich, so perfectly arranged and (once again) the shadows complete the super fun experience!!!!

Bejaardensoos by berniek : Now with this page I am so SO delighted to have found, as I don’t usually come across her pages late at night (which is now more like early in the next day morning LOL) Love her gorgeous clean style always, and in here love the fact that she went a bit out of her usual with so many layers, so well thought! Those clusters are amazing and the diversity of element type and textures also carefully thought too, I run out of words but you only need to look and you will know!!!

Weekend Shots by Shivani :  More amazing inspiration from this talented girl with skills in every area in life and with her photographs (that ares so incredibly gorgeous!!!!!) and her talent to add just the very right amount of  layers, title words, word arts, everything is balanced… here those shadows enhance the whole page even more!!!

Extra by Rubia Padilha aka Studio Basic Designs always, each & every time, wOw’s with her pages, and this one has already grabbed my heart. There is a bit of magic in every child, and this one has it in a double dose..that cheeky smile, the wonderful photo with the perfect, awesome light, the gorgeous  framing with those stars and the layering/blending in the background that brings all to the eye with beauty, soul and amazing technique…. those shadows that have the power to enhance the whole page, and the touch of the string that also takes the eye all around…oh I could be here for ages telling you how much I love this!!!!!

Weekend by Shannon C is another one of the beauties I chose for today. I am a bit weary of people who keep posting food photos that are not exactly  appealing.. but this is not just a gorgeous dish, but the most beautiful compilation of photos that with the work done for the page turns the ordinary into extraordinary. The colors are beautifully combined, the cutouts area created for the journaling is perfect, Everything works in more than perfect harmony…and now not only I LOVE the page but I am so hungry!!!!!!

Last but never ever least, (& to make me even hungrier! LOL) Tapas by ValeJules. I love Tapas, best way to share food, the presentation of the place here is such an original way to show, love how there is so much in this composition that it is almost hiding, so subtle incorporated, and still the blank space and her amazing skills for blending, the result is a master piece!!!

As usual, this is all from me today, hope you enjoyed and get inspired by these awesome, creative people. The original gallery can be reached by clicking in the high-lit name of the page and author, leave them a word or two, we all know how huge a difference can make in one’s day!!!! Have a great weekend!!!!











10 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – July 7th –

  1. Thank you Cynthia for selecting one of my layouts!! yay!! what a thrill! xx Congrats to everyone else as well!

    1. Ona…. you give me a hard time LOL no question about picking you…but which page to pick!!!!! you are an awesome artist!!!!!!! <3

  2. Oh my! I am featured! Thanks so much!!
    I had such a great time scrapping this page and that photo gave me all sort of happy feelings while I thought about taking the hilarious moment we took this pic. I tried to put all that in this page. So thanks so much that you recognized that and liked it! 🙂

    1. Bernie… I was so SO happy to find a page of yours±!!!!!!! Love getting to know you through your amazing pages, any style you take on you do it wonderfully, and this one indeed gave a feeling of happiness and beauty that I could NOT not post it!!!!!!!! I was falling asleep and having trouble with writing more…(it took me over 3 hours to just compose the post!) or I would have written a lot more (in everyone’s cases !) Love your pages, your presence in the chats and I have this dream to have you over in London, maybe at my house to hug you in person!!!!! <3

  3. Thank you thank you for choosing my layout! I’m actually particularly proud of that one, so I’m happy that you like it! :)I feel very honored!

    1. oh your page really, really stood out in the gallery, and looking closer is such a delight!!!! I wish I had more time to stop and look and comment more through your gallery, I only “discovered” you recently but I know every page of yours makes me want to stop to comment!!!!! I will try my best to make some time soon!!!!! <3

  4. Thank you so much, Cynthia, for showcasing my page. I am so glad you liked it. As I was looking through the other pages I was just in awe that I would be included among so many talented scrappers. I love this hobby and the joy it brings to create and connect with so many wonderful people.

    1. you are one of a kind, be that hybrid or digital, every finished project of yours get my w0w for sure!!!! I love this hobby of ours too, feel pretty much the same way, I love scrapping as much as I love the community and the marvelous souls I have met through it!!!!! <3

  5. Oh Cynthia! Such an honour and coming from you it means a lot more, And you know that! I love scrapping and being in a company of warm souls such as yourselves.Thank you so much- you have made me feel so good about it yet again!

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