Hello and happy middle of the week! Hope everyone is having a fabulous week. Looking through the galleries is such a pleasure mid-week, because we see some pages made just for the sake of the art. It was little flower sprig day for me, apparently, as you will see! And, a whole lot of other fun embellishments, themes and terrifically creative ideas. Come take a look!

This is Liz J. , and these are my picks.

you & me by keepscrappin

I was drawn to this one because of the unique tones of sepia and yellow, and then I read the text and my heart just melted. Look closely at the photo and you’ll see that this wonderful family photo includes one rather far away. You just have to love that technology allows us to visit loved ones this way, and what a wonderful way to document her Mother’s Day “visit”! I like the placement of the banner, subtitle stamp and journaling. The elements, like the pretty butterfly and flowers, make this into a very special page.

Moment by broomy

The way this “moment” is recorded made me laugh out loud. You can totally see this little person processing the pros and cons of her reaction, and settling for the sulk. The four rectangular photo spots worked nicely with the arrow and subtitles to give this great movement across the page. I love that big, fun floral background, so pretty! The framing of each photo makes them pop just enough against that bold paper. Love the little cluster of well-shadowed foliage as the lone accent.

memories by helptheold

The template gives this page a unique double-split, different shapes and different directions, and I loved how she made it work for her! The subtle tones and text paper really make the shapes pop but not overtake the theme. The lovely photo made me smile! I like the clock and surrounding elements as a subtle but effective statement about the passing of time. Such a pretty page, well done!

Kids yoga by golya

This has such beautiful colors, that lavender and red is so striking! Love the use of the arrows to lead us into the page at the top and in the middle. The horizontal line extending the photo is a nice touch! Nice shadow work. I like the elements across the top, they connect the whole piece nicely.

Peanut Butter Bacon Burger by shelbelle

She had me at bacon, seriously. Okay so the thing about scrapbookers that we all know is true is that we have no qualms about taking photos of slightly unusual subjects. And we align our unusual photo subjects just so under the proper light, and walk around the item taking photos as if the object is a fashion model. All of which is completely normal for us, right? And so I give our artist here total props for using her prop! Great close-up! I love the story, the gingham picnicky-looking background, title alpha, seal of approval and the cute little flowers for embellishments. Well done and yes, I really am going to try one of these, it looks delicious!

I need a hero by Nath

Whenever I say “Wow” out loud looking through the galleries, I know I have a standout that must be shown. This is nostalgic and beautiful. I love the way she used the hearts, and how they pop against that multi-toned circle cut out. Such effective and unique placement on this page, I could study this one for a long time (and did). The title is quite evocative too, and the purpose of the page, going into her mom’s book, really resonated. I love the circle stitching and buttons as simple, but perfect embellishment. Just wow.

I hope you loved today’s picks too! Please click on the linked title and leave our artists some well-earned praise. Have a great rest of your week!

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    1. Loved Moment by Broomy. Beautifully done. So simple and so very funny!! Such good Gallery Standouts all round.

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