Well HI everyone!! It’s so good to be back after a 2 month hiatus. I can’t believe it’s summer already and the kids are almost out of school (here)! It’s been so much fun looking through the galleries again and finding outstanding layouts to post for all to see. I didn’t go with a theme this time, just which layouts caught my attention right away. I really hope you like my picks and again, good to be back! This is Trace, and these are my picks:

My first pick is amazing! I love how graphic this is. Ann06 has done a fantastic job with the blending and the brushes on this layout. It caught my attention immediately. I love the muted background with the pop of the face. It’s just stunning.

My next pick is from dotcomkari. She always has the most brutally honest and in your face journaling on her layouts. I love how she scraps it all..the good, the bad, and the ugly. However, her layouts are NEVER ugly!!! They are always amazing. I love the scribbles here and the way they draw you into the center of the layout with her journaling. The small photo is perfect for the white space she’s created. Just awesome.

This next layout blew me away. I am a HUGE fan of *gina* as most know. She is an artistic genius. This layout is no exception. The blend, the colours, the brush over the profile of the girl. Just outstanding. Gina always knows just how much to embellish and how little too. Her layouts always look like something from an art exhibit or a magazine ad. She is a brilliant, brilliant scrapper. I’m honoured to be able to showcase her layouts.

I really love the simplicity of this layout by isDK. She is a new scrapper to me, but very talented. I am enamoured by the painted background with a simple, but so effective photo of the duck. I love the stitching and the minimal elements here. It’s just such a well rounded, very beautiful layout.

This next scrapper is not only a friend, but she is an amazing artist too. Her clustering is up there with the best. This layout by robinismai makes me smile. Love how she blended the paper over top of the photo and the lipstick on his cheek is just that, very cheeky and fun! I love her clusters and the placement of her elements. The way she filled the wire title with a patterned paper is just smart! All around an amazing tribute and fun layout!

Another new to me scrapper is thuria. I really enjoyed seeing her work in the gallery. This layout stood out for it’s white background and graphic look. I really like how she used the quote brush in the back as an element and as her title. That’s so neat. I love the graffiti look behind the photo.  That photo itself? Adorable!!!! Just a simple but exquisite layout. Well done!

Well that’s it for me today!!! Thank you all for reading the blog and supporting these wonderful scrappers. Please click the link (highlighted names) and leave these wonderful ladies some love. Until  next time, happy scrapping and HAPPY SUMMER!!!

Trace. xx

4 thoughts on “Finger pointing – June 26th

  1. What a great choice – congrats to all.
    Thank you so much for showing my page here, Trace. I feel very honored.


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