It’s almost the weekend! Like most people in the US, I’m feeling the weird sleep patterns caused by the time change. It doesn’t seem to matter for me either way, adding an hour or losing one, always makes me cranky. If I didn’t have a puppy to get me up at the crack of dawn I could sleep in and make up the difference. Instead, I’ll have to caffeinate and and hope for the best.

Let me show you what I found in the digi galleries for you this time:

My Greatest Fear by Biancka

I love a photo-less page! Lovely off-center cluster and a nice mix of pattern scale. I like the different shapes she used, keeps you looking to see what else she’s tucked in there. Beautifully shadowed as well.

You’re Epic by AliceM

Totally fun page! I like the desaturated photo next to all the bright colors and the large title and subtitle surrounding the detail photo. She used the bold colors to reinforce her theme. Really pretty!

Horizons by wvsandy

Very eye-catching with the watercolored center and edges. I like the contrast of the sepia photo and the brightly colored flowers and butterflies. It’s like her dreams are taking flight.

Text by terryb

Fun story to capture! It seems like we’re on our phones almost 24/7 these days. Love the selective coloring in the photo and the use of the flares to mimic the backlit screens. You just HAVE to go and read the story when you see it in the gallery.

Portraits by MargelZ

This would make a great album cover or title page, wouldn’t it? I love the off-center design, the use of the yellow paper and the square one to keep the eye grounded on the page, the pale pastels in contrast with the black and white. The dramatic shadows always make me recognize MargelZ’s work. Love it!

The Boys by christellevandyk

Fun idea for a photo, a really different perspective to capture! Who says you can’t use flowers on “boy” pages? They certainly reinforce the wedding theme here. This is just beautiful!

I hope I showed you a few pretties today. If you can, head on into your favorite digi gallery and leave a little love for your fellow scrappers, you can bestow a few GSO’s of your own!

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