Hello Hello!!!! Happy St Patrick’s Day! I was contemplating the idea of having a drinking day, which after the constant news I have been getting and my house full of dirty laundry in every corner with our washing machine saga – ours broke in December- no money to buy- saved- bought- washed twice- broke- called the council repairs electrician- came- couldn’t do anything as the machine was impossible to be moved- called the store- sent a new one- came to install- the fault was in the electrics -pleeeeeaaaase!!!!! give us a break. Today we finally got the electrician to come fix..so it will be a laundry weekend non stop for us! You would be pushed to drink…wont you? LOL but then with a better, wiser thought, I decided the amount of medication I take daily would not be compatible with a St Paddy’s drinking binge…and I went to binge on beauty around the galleries instead!!! As usual, there is a LOT! Hope you love these and they inspire you, as much as I do!

Disney… who can resist? we have only been once to Euro Disney and I would give anything to be able to go back!!!!! The magic of the net together with the magic of our much loved hobby of preserving our memories, I kinda was transported there tonight….. and HAD to show you more than one page. These ladies, each in their own amazing way, transported me to the magic of this awesome place:

2012 Disney Princess Alex by Iowan: It is all there. I think I have said this so many times, but Carol is the kind of artist that ticks all the boxes, always, in every style, every page…and this is just magical. We can be here till tomorrow to talk about this page: the awesome photo angles, the way they are located in the page, the amount of elements & cards and the way all harmonizes perfectly…. absolute Stand Out!!!!

‘Till We Meet Again by QuiltyMom: the first page I saw from Jan a few years ago was also a Disney page, it had me sold into her gallery with a passion.  This page today, full of happy, full of  the Magic feeling, that amazingly awesome tittle work….everything here calls me heart  and takes me into this awesome cruise which is one of our travel dreams. The circular composition works perfectly and each and every photo sings happy, joy, fun. Absolute Stand Out again!

To finish my virtual trip to the Magic,  who could be doing better than one of my most loved Queens of Blank Space, so I bring you this, Mouse by sucali. Even in the tittle she kept it minimalist, LOVE the card she chose, the photo that brings the whole feeling of the Disney thing into the page, the awesome quote, the gorgeous elements perfectly shadowed and that tittle word art…. my heart keep singing and filling with the joy of this awesome world of magic!

This next page kind of keeps us into the marvelous world of Magic,  I am so impressed with it! I think Walt himself would be pleased to see how the digital art has advanced and how amazing it is applied here!!! Love the fun, the super colorful super big tittle, I am crazy about huge tittles, and this one is a fabulous one!!! Gorgeous with the swirls playing around, and then there is the extraction, the whole thing is amazing!!!!! More Colorful by LynnZant. Colorful and beautiful!!!!!

And talking about digital art, none better to be featured to represent it than Li Li aka misslovescraps with Dad and Us, a page so amazing, I spent some time looking bit by bit, finding more and more as I looked, and what you find is so strong and amazing,  complex and simple all together at the same time, just out of this world amazing piece of art…with so much talent… the detail of the cut out/distinctive and super original framing,, the splitting of the image, the details of the stitching, that gorgeous title….everything here conveys the family feeling with the most amazing artistic talent!!!!!!

Another absolutely, amazingly awesome artist whose pages I don’t come across as often as I would love to, Adryane with Day 4 Crazy Portrait Challenge. And crazy indeed it is, crazy fun, crazy talent, crazy time I imagine she must have spent on warping the bits of hair, and those crazy amazing shadows….!!!!! the art work in the glasses is also crazy gorgeous and the whole page has movement…in LOVE with this!!!!!

Going to a different portrait way, here is this amazing, gorgeous , full of elegance, beauty, soul and perfection, Bollywood baby by LynnG. You know I love designers who scrap, and this is a designer who scraps pages so so very amazing, that have me glued to the screen just appreciating the beauty in every pixel of the image. She is also another member of our recently found society of the MothersBlessedWithAmazinglyGorgeousLookingChildren, and the photography here is as gorgeous as the child, and the page composed with that elegance and awesome touch Lynn gives to her pages… I can be here for ever …(plus I love Bollywood movies- yes, really- passionate about them, always a reason to break into song and dance!)

Another gorgeous portrait page, Thank You by anke55,  so much beauty here!!!  The composition is beautiful with the blank space, the awesome minimalist  style made into perfection, the photo is beautiful and the blending is so seamlessly done, the journaling speaking together with the visuals of the page, such a contemporary capture, my daughter (who has a serious issue with decision making!) always does this takes a photo to ask me to choose before she buys. This is an amazingly gorgeous capture of something that is an every day thing in these day and era! Love the tittle work with the alpha & font combo, the detail of the string/thread casually bordering the journaling…and  I NEED that dress!!!!!!!!! Amazing page all together!!!!!

Another super amazing artist, with a super amazing page, Dream Catcher by flohbock. I love it when the bank space, minimalist Queens go large, and here Manuela has done in style, as she usually does!!!! Love how gorgeous the contrast of the beautiful blues of the papers plays with the earth tones of the (awesome) photo, the stacked papers and the perfection of the embellishment, the delicate pieces placed with elegance, and the gorgeous detail of the stitched tab…just a wonderful show of perfection!!!!

Last but never least, another superb intense full page photo, Amies Pour La Vie (friends for Life) by Dady. I am always amazed by her photography, the way she blends into papers like if it was the easiest thing in the world, the perfection in the composition that has magic here…  the word art for the tittle brings even more harmony to the page, and the detail of the word art in the top corner, delicate again and adding a gorgeous touch for the eye to navigate the whole page…..beauty to fill the heart with Joy!!!!!!!

I will leave you here, hoping you find inspiration and joy for your heart on these amazing pages. As usual, you can access the original galleries by clicking in the name of the Lo and author high-lit, please take a minute or two to make these awesome people day an even more awesome one! have a great, bright and beautiful weekend!!!!!!







18 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – March 17th-

  1. Thank you so much Cynthia for mentioning my page here! This was such a great surprise and you made my day!
    Congrats to all others, I love to see your beautiful layouts here, this is so inspiring!

    Susanne (sucali)

    1. you are always ALWAYS so inspiring!!! the beauty of every page shines in the galleries, my pleasure!!!!!

  2. Thank you so much for featuring my page here along with all these other amazing layouts. Happy laundry day(s)!

    1. LOL @ my laundry!!!!! thanks so much! the day is grey, typical London weekend so not much to do out…I supposed that is the good side of it LOL. I love your page so so much!!! Am I right on thinking you were not scrapping for a while? or is it that I didn’t come across your pages? after MSA closed down, finding a way to get to see everyone makes it more difficult. You are most welcome!!!!

  3. Congratulations to everyone! So many beautiful pages! Thank you Cynthia for including my portrait. It makes me happy that you that like it 🙂 <3

    1. as I said already, I was jumping of joy that I found a page of yours!!!!!! you know I am your fan!!!!!!!!!

    1. Lil!!!!! same as I said to Adryane above..was so happy to find the page, and I am still looking at it and finding all those amazing touches of yours that only you can give to a page!!! You are awesomely talented!!!!! <3 Love you too!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Thank you, Cynthia! You made my day! You’re too sweet.
    Now, shall we be seeing a page about your laundry day(s)? 😉

    1. LOL now you asked, I’m gonna have to, right? LOL Love your pages, it wasn;t easy to pick just one, by the way, ALL your pages posted yesterday were SO amazing!!!!!!!!

  5. THANK YOU SO MUCH. My dearest Cynthia thanks so much for your sweet words. You are the kindness fairy of the digi world. Words cannot express my gratitude for being included with these gorgeous picks. congratulations to the other gals also.

    P.S., I hope your machine in now working.

    1. You are most most welcome, you know I admire you so so much, every GSO is well deserved, and every page of yours is a GSO!!!!!!

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