As I sat down to write this post, I started to think about why certain pages just seem to scream at me to pick them.   So what makes a page scream at me?  It might be the photo(s), a quote that’s used, a technique, a color scheme, or the composition.  I just know it when I see (hear?) it.  Sometimes these pages make me smile or laugh out loud.  Sometimes they make me cry or think deeply about a subject.  Sometimes they are just amazingly beautiful.  You would think it would be an easy process to pick six for each post but the problem is that there are so many deserving pages out there all screaming at me.  In the long run, I guess it’s all about which pages scream the loudest!  So here are the six that were doing that today.

Wall Art by Traumelfe is so absolutely gorgeous that I don’t know where to begin!  The bright colors are so beautiful together and they are what really screamed at me about this piece.  The watercolor look does indeed make it the perfect wall art.  The black splats and stitches as well as the quote ground the whole piece.  Love this!   (If you want to take a look at it on a virtual wall just click here.)

Family by mcurtt caught my eye (and ear) because of the use of the census record as the background paper (a woman after my own heart).  The vintage black and white photo is such a treasure. I love that she kept all of her title/journaling in black and white and I also love all of the different fonts.  The red hearts are a perfect touch.  Love this page!

Love Teaching by kikimama screamed at me because it tells a story.  It leaves a powerful message to future generations about who she was and what she did at this point in her life.  I love the composition of her page with the vertical line of title/journaling/embellishments.  And such cute embellishments!  Her journaling is just amazing (another really challenging thing for me so I really appreciate it on pages!).  This page is what scrapbooking is all about … leaving a piece of us for our descendants.  Love it!

Life In Harmony by Ruebchensmum won my heart with that sweet photo (amazing how loud a sweet photo can scream!).  The use of the formal composition and the soft colors from the photo create an elegant page.  I love how she kept the embellishments to a minimum and let the photo take center stage.  Gorgeous page!

Say Cheese by Applechick is one of those pages that just makes me smile!  That darling series of extractions is what screamed at me from this page.  She sure seems to know what to do with a camera … even if it doesn’t have a viewfinder!  Love how Applechick desaturated the paper to achieve the tones she was looking for.  The brushwork in white adds depth and the placement of the word art behind the extractions is great.  This is just awesome … I can’t quit smiling!

Amy L’s Carriage Ride is so gorgeous.  The screaming from this page came from the multiple photos … not an easy look to achieve (at least for me!).  The color palette of subtle shades of brown, green and orange showcase the photos beautifully.  There is so much to see on this page … photos, journaling, and embellishments peeking out to grab our attention.  Love that she layered the cream paper onto a busier paper in the same color scheme creating a calm and cohesive look.  Beautiful page!

The screaming is over for today.  I hope you’ve enjoyed and been inspired by my picks.  If you have time, please visit the galleries and leave the artists a little love.  And maybe take time to check out what screams at you!







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  1. Thank you Patsy, I had no idea until today that my “say cheese” page had been chosen…now I’ve got a big smile too! X

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