Hello and happy March! I hope wherever you are in the world, spring is upon you and the world is filled with color. Today’s picks are going to lift your spirits and make you glad to be a scrapper! Take a look!

This is Liz J., and these are my picks.

Because Shark Pajamas are Always a Good Idea by londoncuppa

And because I completely agree with that sentiment, and laughed out loud when I saw this, into the standouts this went! Such an adorable photo! Great, big, bold title work. Love the colors, that aqua, red and black combination is so striking, isn’t it? I enjoyed the design, with the tilted paper stack, the puffy stickers and the circle elements and string leading us down the page. Thanks for my laugh of the day!

my life now by wendyhouse

This page makes clever use of pie charts to compartmentalize the different aspects of her life. I love the crop on the selfie, it’s like she’s peering out at us and daring us to join her as she discusses her life’s joys and challenges. The grid background made for nice but not boring white space. And I believe this is a real-life paper layout, so those pie charts took some tools! Great idea for an AAM page, well done.

no place like home by Yasmine

This one really popped out of the gallery to me, because I really like an original and clever combination of somewhat busy patterned paper. The b&w photo with the b&w papers and elements made a very soothing look. But the thing that really drew me in to this page was the real-life, somewhat imperfect, un-posed photo. It made me want to know what was happening at that moment in their lives. That, to me, is the sign of a good page, when I am engaged by the scene. I really like the plaid mat behind the photo, accented simply with the pretty doily, it gave this a perfect, homey feel, perfect for the theme.

Hoodie Love by SonjaC

Oh my heart be still, I got to pick another real life paper page today! I love that technique she describes of adding paint or glitter spray to the text paper then die-cutting the flowers. This is just a delightful cascade of floral-ness, in a great design! I like the subject, it’s simple and sweet. And I like the way she stitched it all down, and gave herself a nice little hand-drawn journal spot to tell us the reason for the photo. The tilt on the photo, combined with the scratchy doodly title alpha was super-effective. Very cute.

6 months old by tjscraps

I have seen these layouts with this little girl go by in my FB digiscrap feed for months, next to that adorable striped bunny. (This is a side note to never estimate the power of posting your layouts to those digiscrap groups. It’s a great resource for the GSO bloggers!) I feel like a part of this child’s life, as I’ve watched her grow bigger than the bunny! This whole concept is just so stinkin’ cute, and a terrific way to document the baby’s growth! We get to see all the little snippets of her personality, both in the photo and the text. And when this little girl reads the pages in her book, documenting these first, precious months, I know she will treasure these memories too. I hope she’s holding onto that bunny when she reads these great memories! Super cute idea! I am all in favor of staging when it works well!

Wander by smcloone

I really love a good full-page photo layout. This one was taken from a car. A moving car. With an iPhone. I think Apple’s going to want to get a look at this one, you could sell phones with this photo! I like the border work, so soft and pretty. And the addition of the word art looks like it’s part of the snowy foreground. This is a nice combination of crisp, winter feel, with soft hopeful spring elements. Very pretty. It caught my eye!

Weren’t those amazing?! If you loved today’s picks too, please click on the linked title and leave the artist some well-earned praise! Have a great rest of your week!

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  1. Thank you, Liz, for including my page here! Appreciate your
    kind comments. If Apple comes to me for this photo, I’m
    starting my photography career and picking you as my agent!

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