Good evening everyone! It has been a while since I’ve posted. I have been watching TV this afternoon and again a drama has hit London today! Let’s hope this was just a madman and not IS who killed 4 people and injured many more. My thoughts are with the families of the victims; amongst them some schoolkids from France I understood.       But I had to scroll through the galleries also and that’s what I did tonight. There were so many gorgeous pages out there and I even picked one scrapper who has been picked before this week. I couldn’t resist to show her page, so I hope you forgive me! She will, I’m sure! 😉

J&M by mcurtt I could not resist to pick this one, I totally love messy pages with lots of stamps, brushes, splatters, paint and handwritten text or titles! The way mcurtt placed the brushes drew my eye to the gorgeous blended picture. Love how she used the orange in the jacket of the man for the ‘ladder’brush. Delicious artsy page!

BLOOM by sbpoet Another artsy page we have here! How delicate and dreamy is this one! As if the flowers would fall apart when touching them! Also love the splatters here, they give the page a bit more ‘body’ and connect the foreground with the background.

Remember this by chigirl This is almost a C&S page. Wonderful how chigirl preserves this old picture! The lady element fits perfect with the timeperiod the picture is taken. Very sweet and delicate treatment of the page.

Winter Dream – The Trance by LindaA Oh look at this veil! There are so many colors in it and yet is is a true winter page! This could easily be a bookcover or a poster for a play! Beautiful!!

Save the drama… by Hollie And here the humor comes in! Where would we be without a good laughter! Isn’t this one hilarious? I love what Hollie did! Dressing up a lama in such a funny way! And again love the drips and crosses and dots on the background.

Week 20-10 RIGHT by Destiny1 Wow, such a wonderful pocketpage! There is so much to see here, I can’t stop looking and discovering new things! This is great memory keeping! Love the part where all the classroomitems are!

So these were my choices for today. My thoughts are with the people in London and France and maybe other countries. I hope the injured people recover soon and for the families who lost someone I will burn a candle. I’m sure the visitors of the blog with religious backgrounds will say a prayer…let’s hope this meaningless violence will stop soon!!

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