Hello and welcome, everyone! Katherine here on this rainy Spring evening with some real beauties for you! I hope you enjoy my choices!

First up is this really lovely tribute to a truly beautiful soul by Lizziet5 titled Tribute to Pam. She is loved. She is remembered. She is missed.

Next up is this beauty titled Explore the World by Mimisgirl. Love all the messy artsy in the background here. The play with the digital sticker and the sketched cityscape is the perfect backdrop for the focal photo, and the little floral cluster adds the perfect amount of charm.

Really love all the little details in saarmf’s Cityscape. Her layering and clustering is nothing short of masterful, and the shadows are perfect. Love the brush work and all the painterly splats.

I absolutely adore the Project Life-like design in this next Standout titled Downtown by Staciahall. The mix of colors here is truly amazing, and I love how all the black and gray really makes them pop all the more. All the details are simply perfect, and the images, stellar.

Next is this lovely layout by Biancka titled I Love This City. I really adore the composition here. The black and white images are perfect against the mix of reds, yellows, and blues. The layering and clustering is pretty phenomenal, too.

And last, but certainly not least, is this fabulous Project Life two page spread titled 2016 Week 45 p1 and 2 (only p1 is linked) by JennV. The mix of blocking here is fantastic, and I love how the stitching adds so much visual interest. The images are all pretty spectacular, too.

And that’s a wrap for me! I hope you’ve all enjoyed my choices! I’ll see you all in the galleries again real soon. XXOO

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