Hi everyone! I hope you are all having a nice day! Over here in the Netherlands the sun was shining all day and it was a nice 20 degrees Celsius! Almost summer temperatures and it still is March! I have to work tonight and I don’t know how busy it will be and if I have time to get my blog done, so I thought I’ll go and pick my choices early today. Here they are!

Rainy-Days by Pallavi01 The minute I saw this London bus I had to take a closer look at this page! I love London, even when it’s raining, so no better combination to scrap about! ;). I love being outside in the twilight and I love what Pallovi01 did with here page. The tiny stars at the bottom are too cute and the additional bokeh picture next to the journaling is one I could have made myself.

Chihuly cover by Kathie02 Well, I had no clue what or who Chihuly was, so I googled it and it appeared to be a glass artist. Never heard of him, but he makes the most gorgeous glasssculptures and installations. You should take a look at his website! Kathie made a wonderful C&S bookvcover with his art. It speaks for itself and it made me curious enough to take a look and I’m sure once her book is finished, her visitors will pick it up and take a look in it!

Currently Watching by biancka A traditional page with wonderful clustering and shadowing! Love the series, love the B&W picture between all these lovely colors! I always have to think of the Kill Bill movies (wich I love) when I see pictures of Lucy Liu 😉

No Need to Sparkle by bockel24 I always take a look at the MCC gallery when searcing for GSO pages, they are often funny with a serious touch and today I found this one. This is so true, no need to sparkle and hurry, just be yourself, that is and should be enough! I love the faithful look in the eyes of the bear and look at his ears! And his body….are these pictures of a very hairy male skin??

but by Adryane This is a very complex page and is shows the creativity of Adryane! The button with the word ‘but’ on it refers to the butterflywings wich the girl is carrying and maybe also to the red ‘buttons’ between the duplicated picture of the girl. Love everything about this page, the blending, the picture, the rectangles and how this grew to become this piece of ART! Wonderful!

2007 DuckTour-Riverview by bestcee This page is mostly in black and white and still it looks very colorful. As you all know by now, I love messy pages and this one is messy and a kind of neat at the same time. The composition is great with the pictures just below the center of the page. Love the bold map parts and of course all the scribbles, drawings, splatters and messy borders. Well done!

Well ladies and gentlemen, these were my picks for today! I hope you like them as much as I do! I can head of to work with a calm heart, not worrying if I have time to post my blogpost. Wishing you all a nice evening and see you next time!

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  1. Aw, thanks for featuring my layout! What a beautiful surprise to come home from vacation to!

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