Hello, this is Jana on a very windy day here in the midwest! At least the sun is shining though. Today is International Women’s Day so I thought I’d focus on pages related to this. Just wanted to change things up a bit for you this time. Sit back and enjoy my picks for today. I hope you will feel inspired.

I found the perfect page to start off with today!

Mighty Girl by dianepsmith

I adore that bronze statue of the little girl. What a great symbol she is for International women’s Day! The quote is perfect and so is the title. Don’t you love how she’s stepping out of the frame? The textures and layers on this page are wonderful and the pop of color in the upper left corner are strong and powerful too. I hope all of our little girls feel strong, fearless and empowered as they journey through life.

The Best by EHStudios

I chose this one for all the moms out there. The photo is so heartwarming. I can feel the love and emotion as she’s looking at the photo in her hand. The simple word art says it all and truly honors a special woman. I love the beautiful brush work going across the middle of the page. The colors are feminine and this makes a nice backdrop for the photo. And you can’t go wrong when you add some black scribbles and paint splats to finish off a page. Black always grounds any project.

Hello Gorgeous by anke

I have been a fan of this fabulous artist for a long time and I am even fortunate enough to be on a creative team with her. I have watched her kids grow up these past several years, as they are becoming young adults. I just think this photo of her daughter is wonderful and her pose seems so strong and powerful with her arms outstretched against the walls. She looks like she’s ready to go out and conquer the world. The black and gold elements on this page are very striking against the dark background. Most of the layers are centered right beneath or around the photo, which is a great way to draw the eye into the focal point. The title…awesome! We want our girls to feel gorgeous both on the inside and out as they mature into women of the world.

Note to Self by dawninskip

This is such a lovely page! First of all, I love the beautiful watercolor textures on the background, which makes a wonderful foundation for her photo and elements. I think it’s great that she used a photo of herself and that the journaling was intended for her but can certainly be a powerful message for women everywhere, especially today. Look a little closer and you will find the sweet symbols of love, hope and anchors. Also, the umbrella with the tag is not only cute, but has meaning as well, especially in darker times.

Marie Antoinette by TrishD

Ahhh, Marie Antoinette… certainly a famous international woman from the past. Once a beloved and respected queen, she later suffered execution as history tells us. This is a stunning page with her photo in the gold frame against the black background. The script serves as beautiful texture and the pink rose is a lovely accent. Adding Marie’s own signature completes this page in such a unique way.

I’ll end today’s post with this cute page. It was created for a March inspiration challenge and I think it’s a fun way to end today’s International Women’s Day celebration.

2017-03-March TLP Inspiration by mcurtt

Love these vintage women and and how they are place on the page. Wonderful layers and brush work with pops of red and teal bring the black and white images to life. The best part though, the word strips that project confidence and strength and positive thoughts to live by! Yes we can! A great message for women everywhere!

International Women’s Day…thank you for your inspiration in the world and in our galleries today! If you have a special photo that would fit in with today’s theme, I hope you will get it scrapped and recognize someone special or important to you. I know these artists would appreciate some kind words too. As always, you can click on the links that take you right to their pages. I am headed out on vacation next week; can’t wait! I’ll be back at the end of the month. Take care and happy scrapping!



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