Hello everyone! After a day full of sunshine and all kinds of events happening I want to keep it short tonight. I am tired and have to get up very early tomorrow to get my son in time to his new job. So let’s see what I found to hopefully inspire you today!

I could not agree more with cinderella’s Paris is always a good idea! If you ever come to Europe you should visit Paris! It is truly the city of love! And I love the page cinderella made! Love all the scribbles, the drawn elements and the almost grafiti feel here. A wonderful piece of artjournaling!

Margjes I’ll guide you is as always a masterpiece! Love how the lighthouse comes back in the background as a stamp or brush. And love all the lush greens Margje used here! And love what she did with the text here, the font she used and the placement of her words and journaling. They are just perfect!

Time By The Shore by Tracermajig Another seapage and also a stunning page! The colorcombination here does the trick I think, different blues and sandcolors always work so well together and give that instant summer feel! Love that little heart! Very well done and a great memory!

What I love about PLM’s Selfie time Seeing this checkered background in the gallery made me want to take a closer look and I was surprised by the amount of splatters and tiny ellies that are on the page. All the colors work so well on the black and white background! Love it!

DivaMom96 did a great job with her The Beauty is in the Memory What a dreamy page this is! Love the light on the water here and the stitched sun is so wonderful. It doesn’t even bother me it doesn’t shine by itself.

Me Time by HeyJude And last but not least anoher AJ page with very bold neoncolors.  The combination with the geometric shapes works very well! Love everything on this page, there’s so much to see!

These are my choices! I hope to see you next time! Have a great evening!

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