Hello everyone! I hope you are all doing fine tonight! I had a wonderful Italian dinner with my youngest son, his girlfriend and my ant. The weather was awesome today, so we could sit outside and enjoy our delicious meals. It was yummie! After we got home I dived into the galleries and as always there are so many gorgeous pages to pick, I had a hard time chosing wich ones I wanted to post. But I managed to pick six! I hope they will inspire you to scrap outside your box!

TrishD’s Shadow Dancing Wow, I love everything about this page, the picture and the kind of cartoonish effect Trish managed to give it, the grunge background wich fits perfect to the type of girl and how she’s dressed and the title with that gorgeous shadow effect. What a wonderful page!

You only live once by amandaresende I am so glad Amanda is back! I really missed her pages for the time she was away. This page is so playful and it looks so real! Like I could just touch these little cups of waterpaint and take them from the page. Love the message also and love how Amanda used the different fonts here.

My Inner Beauty by pattyanne I always have to take a look in the Mischiefcircus gallery when it’s my turn to post and I find the most gorgous and sometimes funny pages there. This time it’s a serious one, the quote is for sure! I love this strange combination, the large head, peacock feathers, the colorcombination and the leaves as a hairpiece. I love it all! It is so different, I can’t keep my eyes off of it!

The Aviator by Traumelfe And another stunning page! The plane, the grey aviatorpicture, the brush, the background paper, it all adds to the vintage feel. Even the wordstrips do. Wonderful piece of work!

Oslo by Applechick I love the graphic feel and the perspective here! Love how the building appears like a bridge and how Applechick blended it all to a beautiful piece of art!

Happy by Gracielou Oh…I love girly pages and particulairly these lovely colors! Love the diagonal setup of the page and the piece of lace behind the pictures, love the drawn ‘be happy’ and love all the stamps and brushes making a great background for the pictures.

Well, these were my picks, I hope you like them and I hope even more you get inspired by these wonderful pages! See you next time!

6 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – May 16th

  1. WOW WOW WOW!!!!! Jeanine!!!! I am honored to be here with so many AH-MAZING pages!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank youuuuuuuuuuuu <3

  2. Oh My Golly GEE, Jeanine!!! I am beside myself excited and honored to be included here and what you liked about my slightly odd layout. SQUEEEEEEE You honor me! I hope you have a superfantabulously blessed & creative week!!!

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