Hello – happy Thursday, we can almost see the weekend from here! I am delighted to bring you some super-inspired and well put-together projects for todays standouts. Come take a look and enjoy!

This is Liz J., and these are my picks.

This by bellbird

Oh, okay so that wasn’t actually the title bellbird gave this piece, but that word art popped out at me so I took the liberty of giving this page a title! In fact, I liked the way all of the little word strips worked to frame the inset portion of this piece! That sunburst photo made an amazing backdrop! Combined with all the little doo-dads and elements, some whimsical, some real-looking, this page is stunning.

Sandy Feet by JennyG67

I saw this page on a FB digiscrap group, and went searching for it (which reminds me to point out again that you never know where the GSO bloggers are going to see your creations, so be sure to post your beautiful art out there in digi-land! The more you post the more likely we’ll see it and love it!). I love the perspective on this page. The background looks like the water turned into paper turned into water again. I can’t honestly tell if it’s really the photo creating that background, or paper, but either way it turned this into art and I was quite drawn to it. The word art woven behind the extraction is very eye-catching. The elements adorning the corner are a nice touch.

Soul kitchen by Antonia

This is just fun! I absolutely love the way she did the title, that’s just super. There are some great elements used to create her “kitchen” here. There’s a companion page that gives us a lovely look at the cook! Well done, I love the super creative use of elements!

Top 10 vacation memories by stormchaser

I thought this was a very clever way to document an idea. She probably has loads of photos from each of the 10 vacations highlighted, but it’s left to our imagination to envision the places described. A fun, whimsical style that is fun to read. I particularly like the reminder to be happy! The speech bubbles make quite a statement (oh, a pun!). Great shadow work too.

Some see a weed card by Nimena

This card is so soft and beautiful, what a great use of materials! I love the asymmetrical stacking with the vellum. The gold brads make it quite elegant. Just lovely!

road trip by digi371

That color combination, between the b&w photos, kraft background, and pop of teal throughout, is just amazing! I love the bold, stamped title running down the side. Sherry did a nice job of delineating between the sites in her photos, and I like that she labeled each to the side. The brush overlay and painted page border really worked to tie it all together. I really like this one.

So hey, weren’t those terrific fun? If you like today’s picks, please click on the linked title and give the crafty ones some praise, they’ve earned it! Have a great weekend, everyone!

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