It’s Juli here again and it’s time to wrap up Memorial Day weekend here in the US.  I hope those of you living in the US enjoyed your long weekend.  For me it was the perfect combination of family, friends, honoring those who served and getting some time out on the boat.  The summer heat is definitely upon us in Florida, so I’m looking forward to all that brings like vacation and having my kids home from school for the summer.  Today I have some great picks for you.  It looks like many of you fellow scrappers were busy this weekend scrapping your memories…so let’s get on to today’s featured layouts.

My first pick is this incredibly layered and decked out page by titled Boho by mrsashbaugh.  As I just stated, the layering on this layout is so incredible!  I just love all the layers of paper and clustering of elements. The use of great shadowing gives everything the perfect bit of depth.  Little details like the lace and the paint are really spot on as well.  Finally the rich the colors really draw you in.  I just love every little bit of this layout!

Next we have this layout titled Gerald the Bird by yellowpeep.  This layout really stood out in the gallery for me.  I think it’s the use of the bold color on the white background – it’s so graphic and fun!  I really love the shadowing used here too!  Everything has just the right depth and it makes this look like a paper page.  Finally the use of the angle here is so striking!  It really makes you want to jump in read the journaling to find out more about this bird.

My third pick is titled Oh The Places We Can Go by Carrie1977.  I was originally drawn in by the tabs at the top of the page.  Then I started looking at these photos and reading the story.  Carrie is scrapping pictures of her parents’ new motorcycle and the adventures they have had – which is so cool!!!   I jut love all the fun paints and blending she did on the background.  And then the old school slide frames are just perfect.  Everything on this page mixes together beautifully – it’s a bit of adventure traveling around the page taking in all the little details.  Such a fun page! 

Next up we have a photoless page by fruitysuet title Hunting (Dream Home).  The large chevron caught my eye and then all the journaling.  The scrapper is describing the pain in moving and trying to find a new home.  I like the way the journaling is shaped to mimic the chevron stripes; this really makes the eye go towards the adorable house cluster.  The detail on the left side scallop is great too! I love the addition of the paint, scribbles and buttons – it just makes everything meld together beautifully.

This next layout looks so calm and cool that I couldn’t help featuring it!  Take me to the sea by tanpopo features an artistic look with some incredible blending.  I just love how the whole page feels like it’s floating.  The stenciled look to the background makes the whole page look like it has movement.  The layering here is just awesome!  I just love the depth the scrapper created with her shadows and stacking of elements. The pop of yellow makes the whole page feel light and fun.  Such a gorgeous page!

My final pick for this holiday weekend is Currently by Tracermajig.  I have to say that I needed to do a triple look to make sure this wasn’t a hybrid or paper layout. The shadowing here is just amazing!  Plus just look at all these little details.  So many fun things to look at!!  I love how she grouped the elements and ribbons by color – what an amazing look!  The little pictures are the perfect addition to help tell her store of what is currently going on in her life.  Finally the black stripes just make the mix of all the colors and the white totally pop.  This is such a wow page!!!

As this holiday weekend comes to a close and we move forward in to summer I hope that all of you will remember to pick up your cameras more each day and snap those everyday life photos.  Before you know the years have sped by and while you might selfishly take pictures to have something to scrap, down the road you will be so happy to have these memories!

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