Hello again, my lovelies!!! Happy iNSD!!!!! I should have been here with you last night but ended up being admitted in hospital so we decided I come tonight with a bit of a special edition. How are you all doing? crazy about games and challenges and shopping? Maybe making time to scrap? I have been almost frustrated because of so so many things, I wish I could clone myself to scrap them all!!!! Anyway, I think most of us have made time to scrap, as I have just gone through over 200 pages with average 15 LOs in each in my pursue for inspiration…… so, this is a very special edition!!!!! Come, get comfy, have a drink, and lets get inspired by these awesome artists!!!!!! I’ll try be brief (with emphasis in the “try” LOL)

Living & Loving Life  by Ga_L . Yes, I know. Again, I am going over the one rule I so fiercely fought for us to have at the blog: that 7 day rule, but hey…. this is a work of art, a show of elegance, fun, awesomeness made in ink, even if virtual. Gaelle’s talent for the delicate, elegant, blank space with a soul gets me time and time again, I couldn’t NOT post this!!!!! I think Banksy himself would be amazed with this page!!!!!!!

All About Me NSD I hate to sew by Cookingmylife . I started seeing a pattern in my picks tonight, and is the photography….I keep finding awesome pages with awesome photos and this here?  photo and page design…just perfect. I always say how I love the power of scrapbooking to turn not so beautiful, sometimes right down ugly events into amazingly beautiful works of art…and in here, again, a clean cut, elegant and clean design as Maureen does, this just makes a beauty, something I can look at all day without getting tired (and that shade of green!!!! LOVE!!!!)

Continuing on the clean, super gorgeous lines and talented artists….  Breath it All In by Jeanet has it all….love the circles, the tiny butterflies, Jeanet’s own drawing…every little bit of this page is a HUGE thing!!!! LOVE!!!!!!!!

Another superb, amazing piece of art with Happy by Keela, this is the most amazing photo capture, a gorgeous and delicate layering and the background that couldn’t have been a better choice, like the paper was especially created for this photo- unless this is paints or some kind of repeated element? either way-  and Keela put all her talent to make it even more so!!!!

Epic and Cool by roxanamdm it gets us moving into a much fuller page, full of delights so gorgeously put together!!! As usual Roxana puts her soul in each page and her memory keeping unravels stories …how lucky this boy is to one day inherit all these works of art to have the family history!!!! Gorgeous emoticon elements, stunning all together!!!

Week 13, Left by RebeccaH is such a delight!!!! You know how sometimes we look at those glossy magazines of the famous and we want to go live there? well , this is what Rebecca’s pages make me feel: I want to be part of this family!!!! super gorgeous photos, the close up on the food I want some!!! LOL) Her amazingly talented vision to make the pocket pages dynamic and so so appealing…  another stunning page indeed!!!

Now I am so very taken by this page, this is just perfect, amazingly beautiful, full of elements and all combined to perfection!!!!! I am in LOVE with this passionately!!!!! Inside my Own Head by bockel24 has so much quality , fun, enough elements and detail to keep us occupied and in delight!!!

In a different avenue but super artistic too, is Lilacs, this amazing page by Jaye. As usual (and I am SO glad to find her scrapping again!!!) the whole page is a total marvel, the photography is gorgeous, the blending in the background ohhhh this is something so awesome!!!! Am I the only one who sees a woman’s profile/silhouette blended here? Maybe is because is 5 am already and I am here still…but either way…the page is amazing!!!!!

Now I usually don’t like pink….but there are times in which pink can be the most supreme master piece, and specially when it comes in such a busy page so with so many photos and elements…I tend to be reluctant to completely agree, but once in a while comes one those awesome pages one cannot pass and this is just such a gorgeous one!!!!! The photos are amazing, fitted perfectly on the linear composition, and then the lines are so beautifully broken by the amazing embellishment of the page!!!!! LOVE it!!!!! Love You, My Girl! by kelseyll.

Following the photography theme and mothers and daughters pages…here is this amazingly beautiful page from norton94: Planner Love.  The whole page is full of beauty and has such a sweet feeling, LOVE the combo of papers, the use of the scatters (both things I never get right so this has me in awe!!!) The journaing is also beautiful, love the tilted card, every little bit here is gorgeous!!!!

Twisted by emmasmommy: I have to say, keeping on the amazing photo/favorite people’s pages, there is also another constant with these awesome ladies:they all have so many pages posted and all of them are SO amazing, I could have stayed for another 5 hours debating which page of Laura’s I would bring here…I would say all, but as space is restricted, I decided to go for this one: there is so much perfection, so much beauty and excellent talent !! The photos are amazing, the layering and shadows, the mixture of textures i n perfect harmony…!!!!! the word art/tittle is gorgeous and I could be here for hours telling you how much I love this and her……!!!!!!!

You know what I was saying about the photo constant tonight? Well…just have a look at this AWESOME , super fun photo integrated in the patterned paper!!! this is so so gorgeous!!!!! Fun by brinic



And last but not least, Softball by Mariewilcox , another awesomeness of amazing photography, and one that, at least for me, is the most difficult to get: sports. The whole page is great, but to me the definition of the non typical photo, the sensation of movement, the colors caught in the light…..absolutely amazing!!!!!!!

I hope you enjoyed and got inspired! Remember you can get to the original galleries by clicking on the high-lit name of the LO and Author, we all know how much of a difference can make!!!! Happy iNSD!!!!
















6 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – May 6th iNSD Edition!

  1. Wow! It is such an honor to have been selected alongside so many talented layout artists! MrsPeel’s thoughts on every layout really encouraged me to look more closely at each one. Her commentary is what really brings each one to life! Thank you, MrsPeel, for taking the time and energy to craft such a specific response to each one here. Every style is unique and different and engaging all the same. The layouts are amazing; congrats to everyone selected!

    1. oh gosh girl, I’m flattered!!!!!! thanks so so much for your words, really making my day…. thanks so so much!!!!!!! <3

    1. Jaye!!!!! It was the early hours of the morning and my beighboors maybe woke up because I shouted of joy when I saw the page was yours!!!!!!!! (Sarita would sleep through an earthquake LOL) I am so SO happy you are scrapping!!!!!!! the page is awesome (as always!!!!) will try make time to catch up!!!

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