Happy Thursday….it’s that time of the year where the days and weeks seem to whisk by because there is so much excitement in the air.  I can’t believe that Thanksgiving here in the US is just a week away.  I’m looking forward to catching up with my siblings and their spouses this weekend and getting a chance to see my husband’s family for a few days next week. Seriously, what is better than two Thanksgivings?  Especially since neither one is at my house this year!!  This is also the time of year when I get all excited about creating crafts for Christmas presents.  There is so much magic in the air and so much to look forward to including lots of gorgeous layouts in the gallery.

Now that Christmas kits are hitting the scrap stores and people are getting caught up on last year’s photos while still trying to do this year’s Fall photos there is an awesome variety of layouts to admire, so let’s get on with the show!

My first featured layout is titled Oh Happy Day by keepscrappin.  The white cut out immediately caught my attention. I love the large chevron pattern over the more subtle background paper- such a nice look!  The watercolor filler card and water color spatters gives this a real paper feel.  The cluster added just the right amount of color to balance out the white and neutral grey.  Such a lovely composition!

Next I found a page with lots of great color!  Ski Day by MelissaMarti really stood out in the gallery with this bright blue color.  I was immediately drawn to the look of the clear pocket with the photo strips and fun things tucked in. What a great look! I like how the arrows draw your focus to the middle of the page.  Melissa does a great job moving color all over the page to keep your eye moving!  There are just so many interesting things to look at.  This whole page is so fun.

Next up I stumbled across a fabulous collection of pages from scullen2 about the birth of her grandson.  I chose this one page, Bennett’s Story Page 2 of 8, out of the collection to feature- but you really should check them all out!   I love how the scrapper is telling the story of her grandson’s birth.  This page is just beautiful.  The layers of paper are so well done on the textured white background.  The elements are all perfectly placed and work together to create such a soft and special feel. Finally the photo – how sweet is this?  A picture of the Big Brother and the Big Sister.  I just love all of her pages in the album and think this will be such a treasured gift for their family.

The next layout I’m featuring is 7 Days of Black and White by dawnfarias.  So many of my scrap friends have been participating in the 7 day challenge to post a black and white photo on Facebook each day that shows something in their life other than another person.  It’s been fun to see what other people post.  This scrapper took that to the next level and documented the fun she was having.  I just love how much the solid black background stood out in the gallery.  Each little bit of color looks like it’s perfectly planned for exactly where it’s placed.  The gold numbers are absolutely perfect for this!  Overall I just love that this scrapper took the time to document this little every life type project.  This page is just fabulous with the black and white photos and the white paint, not to mention the fun title work.  I think this is a really awesome page!

Next I chose another fun white space layout titled Knitting by Christina W.   I just love these colors together and how all these papers are layered across the page.  The photo is perfect right next to the story, which is on the most fabulous looking tag.  The little details like the stitching, the clipped on love this circle and the flair are all just perfect.  The use of the spatter and the beads just pulls this all together.  The balance between the white space and the design is just right!


Finally today I have an adorable Christmas themed page titled The First Snow by Kama.  The red in the background really draws in your eye.  then as you move in, the details steal the show. I love the use of the snowflakes around the page to help move your eye around.  The cluster with the photo tucked right it looks amazing and the shadows give a great sense of dimension.  I love the curled ribbon and the stitchced circle bunting. It seems there are all just the right details sprinkled over the page to make it feel magical and beautiful!

I hope you enjoyed my choices today!  Don’t forget to get out your camera and take lots of pictures over the holidays.  Don’t miss capturing and recording those little moments and don’t forget to get YOURSELF in front of the camera too!

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