Happy Saturday!  I hope you’re having a good one.  To be honest, it’s been a rather bleak one here, weather wise.  We have had a cold rain falling all day, accompanied by howling winds and dark skies.  Definitely a good day to stay inside and do some gallery stalking.  I hope you enjoy my picks — they sure picked me up.

Grateful – Thanksgiving 2015 – Heidi Nicloe

My first choice today is Grateful – Thanksgiving 2015 by Heidi Nicole.  I love the simplicity of the page because it allows everything she used stand out and make statement.  The straight composition, with the arrows, stitching, flowers and small scatter draws your eye across the layout and right to that photo.  I really like the choice of black and white for the photo because it showcases the resemblance between mother and daughter.  The heartfelt journal is the perfect way to finish this wonderful page.

Rennes 09 08 2015 – katell

I think the title work, Magic Moment, perfectly describes my next choice by Katell.  The photos are simply gorgeous and give us a rare glimpse (at least for me) into a part of nature we seldom get to see.  I love the crop on the photo — the different shape adds even more interest to the shot.  Her split background and choice of papers, (love, love, love the tree paper) creates a wonderful base for her photos while her paint splatters play up the marsh grass and water in the photo.  Definitely a magical layout.

Sweet Memories – mrsashbaugh

I love a good cluster so Sweet Memories by mrsashbaugh totally caught my eye.  The color palette is soft and beautiful and suits the adorable photo perfectly.  The pops of black in the palette create a strong visual triangle that further enhances the photo.  The mix of patterned papers creates a lot of interest while maintaining a sense of harmony with the photo and pocket card.  Finally, I love the touch of gold in the flowers, paints and scatters — after all, every girl, big or small, needs a little bling.

Birthday Interview – mrivas

It was the photo and the floral of my fourth pick, Birthday Interview by mrivas, that caught my eye.  The photo composition, with it’s play on colors and casual pose, highlights the Birthday Girl’s natural beauty in the most flattering way possible.  The floral 12 manages to stand out on the background without taking over the layout.  I love the birthday interview and the way she makes it feel like part of the background, but keeps it easy to read.  Last but not least, I like that the element clusters anchor the photo as well as draw your eye to it.  Beautifully done.

Grateful – Isa Marks

Grateful by Isa Marks is another beautifully layered page with a fabulous photo.  Again, I love the use of the black and white photo with it’s worn overlay because of the way it highlights the movement of her hair.  Her individual paper choices are gorgeous and tied together by her use of the floral pocket card as a photo mat.  While her use of elements is limited, what she does use are perfect to support her photo and her message of gratitude. Finally, her shadow work is some of the best I have seen.  I am completely awed by it.

Give Thanks Today – luan37

My final pick of the day, Give Thanks Today by luan37 is another example of great clustering.  Her use of paint for her first layer creates a light base against her background that makes the entire cluster stand out.  Her paper selections are a great choice to support her fall photo and gratitude theme.  I love how she uses bits of navy blue to break up the traditional fall palette and add more visual interest to her page.  By keeping her elements pretty simple, she gives her layout a natural feel that further enhances her photo.

That’s it for me.  I hope you enjoyed today’s picks.  If you have time, please click on the individual links to leave some love for these memory keepers.  Thanks!  🙂

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