Hello!!!! Hope everyone is well and enjoying (should we read running mad around? LOL) the weekend!!! I’ll be short (or at least try) as I wasn’t able to post last night so wont hold the day for Liz who will be posting for today!!! So I ll go straight to the awesome, amazingly marvelous pages from Friday. As usual, choosing becomes a very difficult task! Hope you enjoy these and get inspired as much as I do!!!! Remember you can access the original pages by clicking in the linked/high-lit name of the LO and author!!!

Realizing how close we are to the end of the month and, for some of us, the arrival of the most waited time of the year, I find this awesome 2017 DYD Cover Page by Erin Crouch. This seemed the perfect way to start the post. Now if you know me, you know I am an element hoarder, but the amazing clean lines, gorgeous bold letters and color, cleverly composed background with subtle patterns makes this a perfect cover page!!!!

To carry on the magic, the most magical place on earth seems the perfect option, and here I found this masterful piece by Dawn Inskip , 100% Adorable, and adorable it is indeed!!!! My love & passion for designers who scrap is well documented, and love the way Dawn always comes up with original compositions, amazingly designed pieces, unique signature of her talent!!! My heart is taken by this awesome page!!!!

Another super original piece, Just do It by cfile, which amazed me as I was reading at the Get It Scrapped classes something about transporting habitats into our pages…this couldn’t be a better show for it!!! As usual Christa shows a passion for page design, a wonderful creativity and amazingly beautiful results! Love the color palette, the perfection of the setting, almost like a set design for theater translated into a scrapbook page, the delicate embellishment, absolutely fabulous!!!

Another superb creation, an incredible blending, extraction, artsy use of paints and super outstanding tittle work in this gorgeously awesome page, Be Strong by Wombat146. Love the way Ona documents her family life, events that she transforms into incredibly gorgeous master pieces, this is a gorgeous jewel with complete perfection with the added journaling!!!!

I am so, so delighted to find this, Santa’s Village by weaslwatcher, not only because it is another master piece, but also because I hardly ever am able to highlight her pages! It is either her on the 7 days list or me not coming across her pages when on duty, but thing is my heart was full of happy when I looked closer and saw it was hers!!! Love Danica’s versatility to compose super wonderful pages in extreme styles, in here the perfection starts by the awesome photo, I am amazed always by the documenting of her travels, then there is the continuity given to the photo by the super clever choice of background paper, the gorgeous clusters which make my element hoarder heart sing without overwhelming the page, the beautiful sign as tittle work and even a scribble to give it a hand made touch. All the way awesome!!!

The festive feeling is with us with a more than fabulous page, Holiday Magic by tammybean04. I’m always in love with people who can combine patterns in a truly wonderful way, and here the magic fills my heart, absolutely perfect layering, shadows that makes me want to reach and touch, more layering goodness and fantastic cluster with the card adding a touch of cute , this is so beautiful, I may have to consider lifting this to the t!!!!!! Perfection!!!!

As a story teller, I love the photography that speaks volumes with originality, and this couldn’t be a better example of how non posed, or should I say almost anonymous ones, can tell a story without words. The season colors are wonderfully represented in this awesome page, Feeling Blessed by stormchaser. In here too, love the combination of patterns, the earthy tones gorgeously constructing a cluster with a touch of gold that I love and lighten up the page to complete this beautiful piece!

Last but never ever least, a marvelous page that conquers my traveler’s heart, Spain_first_page by LBickfor63 is such a wonderful introduction to a travel book, I’m in love with the photographic goodness made into the map, and, once again, even to my element hoarder this is a perfect master piece!! Done so elegantly , with a subtle tittle on the top and the gorgeous little tag with the thread at the bottom, as if this wasn’t already a visual amazement, the amount of journaling makes this into a perfect diamond, a jewel to close today’s post with a wonderful happy heart. This also makes me happy as I know Lori’s beautiful work well, but don’t think I have ever come across a page of hers whilst on duty here!!!!

This is all from me today, Hope you have a great weekend, don’t forget to click on the high-lit names to go to the original gallery, we all know how much our day can be made by a word or two of praise!!!! Thanks so much for joining us!!!









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  1. Thank you so much Cynthia for choosing my page! I had a blast creating it and I was so surprised this morning to see my page amongst the other wonderful creations as a GSO. Thank you so much!!

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