What a treat it’s been to visit the galleries today! Wow! I’m in awe of all the wonderful work that people around the world share with us and it’s a great pleasure to bring you my standouts for today. I’ve got a bumper post of no less than nine picks for you today, yes, nine, so I’ll get right on with it!

A mix of neutral tones with gold and silver are guaranteed to make a project a winner. Joy by IntenseMagic has been created with a super mix of festive elements, all beautifully layered and shadowed appropriately to add both depth and detail against the perfect backdrop. I like that the black and white photo, nestled neatly in the detail, plays along with the tones. Absolutely stunning!

Another page with super detailed layers is First Snow by Caroline Scrap. I love how the red striped paper simply pops here and that some of the elements are tucked underneath while there’s still more detail to devour on top! For me, black and white images work so well with traditional festive colours and I like the circular framing that makes me think of a pretty Christmas bauble. Nicely balanced with the bottom border detail, this is wonderful!

Before I  move onto my other standouts for today, I just want to share another seasonal page with you. Peace by Traumelfe adds the glitz to the lower temperatures and reminds me how snow, in the right light, glistens beautifully. There’s so much to love about this page, the vertical design and pretty border, the detail and the circular framing, repeated in the arc to the right that pulls it all together. Just gorgeous!

So let’s move on to the cute! Click with Love by brinic uses a simple and classic design while the detail in the backdrop and the pink pops add the punch. I love the repetition of the stars, the little date tab and the title work. And just how adorable is that image?! I think this little one is going to be a trendsetter, for sure! Super, super cute!

There are some wonderful templates available in the marketplace and I love how different artists can take the same template and give it a completely different look, be it with colour, adding or subtracting an element or two and, quite simply, making it their own. Mymalloryboys has done just that and picked the perfect one for The Story of You, the opening page of her new baby boy’s book. A great colour palette, an additional brush and some word art makes this completely individual. Congratulations to you and your family and I can’t wait to see this project unfold!

Staying with a similar colour palette but a little more saturation is New Breath by Sabyne. One of my favourite ways to include patterned paper in my own work is to layer strips and I just love how striking the strips on this layout are as they pick up the colours in the gorgeous image. There’s a little bit of lace there too, and a doily, which add a little softness while the wonderful brushwork, those lovely butterflies and the pretty flower and bow clusters finish off the page perfectly. I so love this!

There’s many a scrapper out there that enjoys making a great layout with a statement image. Tamzen’s 21st by silent ranks is a perfect example. A pretty photo to the left balanced beautifully on the right with repetitive detail – that always works on a layout, a couple of pretty clusters and some word art make for a truly perfect page design. Again, a great colour combination and a little white space goes a long way. A beautiful page!

I haven’t done much scrapping myself of late but Just a little girl by Loulou31 makes me want to fire up Photoshop, grab just a little stash and create a ‘less is more’ page. Although my own style has gotten more simple over time, I do still find this style a little challenging every now and then, especially when there are so many goodies that I want to use! Extractions are not always easy to do – in my opinion anyway – but they tend to have a massive impact on a piece of work. This little girl, framed perfectly, certainly draws me in here. The brushwork is exquisite while those pencil scribbles add an element of playfulness. A first class page!

Rounding off my post today is Buster is One by carollee. There’s nothing quite like a dark canvas with a glow to grab my attention. I love the neatness of this page and the simple, left and lower framing of the image while the carefully chosen selection of elements leads the eye around the page, adding an aloofness too that is so fitting for a page about a kitty turning one! I also love how those twisted dots break to let the super title work and journaling tell the story – brilliantly! Happy birthday Buster!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my standouts for today and that you’ll find a little time to click on the links and let the artist know what you like about their work. Till next time, take care, happy scrapping and I’ll see you in the galleries!

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