Happy Saturday!  I hope everyone out there has had a wonderful Saturday.  The galleries are full of gorgeous pages today.  It seems to be that time of year when everyone is scrapping and that makes me so happy.  I love to look at pages and read other people’s stories.  Don’t you?

My first choice today is titled Matt has an Idea by Karen B.  I just love the graphic feel of the blue and white on the black background here.  I also love the story.  This is Matt having an idea to layout down in the back of a moving car to try to get a good picture of the biker.  What a great idea to take a picture of this and tell the story.  The white arrow does a great job at directing your eye to the story and the mixed font title is very striking.  What a great page!

My next choice has all the colors and feels of the month of November.  Thankful by Kjersti, has the perfect November feel.  I love how she’s layered the photos up the page so they look they are all tucked in to the layers.  The gorgeous clusters bring beautiful color to the page. The shadow looks awesome and makes the clusters look awesome.  I love everything else that was included on this page too. The filler card, the sequins, the butterflies…so many perfectly little details to make this look just right.  What a gorgeous page of three gorgeous ladies!

Another gorgeous November page is Jumpstart Your November by tanpopo.  The first thing I noticed right away was the great lighting on the background. It makes the center of the layout glow. Then I noticed the mixed clusters. I really like the look of the drawn flowers with realistic looking flowers. The shadowing gives such nice dimension.  Finally the use of color across the page looks great.  The different shades of blue look great with the bright orange background and it really balances the page out.  The bits of black seems to ground everything.  This page is perfectly put together!

I found another gorgeous Fall themed page titled Falling by Sarrmf.  The composition here is fabulous! I just love all the different shapes of patterned paper layered with the clusters.  The clusters tucked in behind the photos look awesome! I love the way the bunting ties the sides in and keeps your eye centered o the page.  Such a beautiful page and what a great photo of Sara and her cat too!

From fall we move on to winter. This next layout really stood out in the gallery for it’s simple, yet beautiful design!  Winter Wonderful by anke has the perfect balance of white space and design.  I love the use of the white distressed wood paper for the background. It gives such a nice anchor to build on. Then the goldish paint and tree and elements.  Everything looks perfectly and thoughtfully placed.  Finally her photo – makes the snow look so beautiful and inviting yet, I love the journaling where the scrapper is saying it’s pretty but she doesn’t want to to drive in it.  Such a nice look at real feelings and real life!

My last pick today is I Love Zombies by shunnstergirl.  I had to pick this layout for two reasons. First – it looks amazing!  I love how the scrapper worked in elements along with these fun cards. The little doodle faces crack me up.  The second reason I picked this page is that the story made me giggle.  The scrapper is talking about her three year old son being zombie obsessed.  A true look at motherhood, in my opinion.  The final thing I loved was the zombie hands at the bottom of the journaling – talk about the perfect touch!  What a well put together page.


I hope you enjoyed my 6 featured layouts today!  I’m off to do a little scrapping of my own now that I’m inspired by these lovely layouts and many more I saw in the galleries today.


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