I can’t believe it’s October already and it’s almost half over to boot….time slow down please!!!  I am absolutely loving that things are starting feel a little cooler here in Florida in the mornings and the evenings.  I’m looking forward to going to the pumpkin patch this weekend, doing some yard word and maybe  some fall crafting (while sipping something pumpkin spiced.)  That’s what fall is all about, right???

I had the great pleasure of looking through the galleries to find our 6 fabulous layouts today. There are so many great pages out there.  I’m sure most of you are feeling scrapped out after the prep and then actual event of Digital Scrapbooking Day, but I hope that these pages today, and all the other great pages out there, will get you scrapping this weekend.  We need to be recording those memories because time moves so fast!!

Our first page is titled Closure by Sheana.  The warm yellow polka dot paper is what caught my eye at first.  Then the word art. I love the variety of word art, fonts and alphas used on the page.  It gives this such a great graphic feel but the wood background tones that down so it’s not “too graphic”.  All the details here play together so well.  The stitching, the ribbon, the little layered bundle…they all bring something cozy and cute to the page.  Then there is the story.  I find it so hard to put a story on a page, so I admire people who put it out there!  I love how the scrapper is telling her story about moving on and that she included a photo of herself.  I’m sure this will become such a gem over time!  I just love the composure of this page and how everything comes together and sings!

Next up I have this soothing page titled Quietude by Lynn Marie.  Now I have to point out right from the start that Lynn Marie is a digital designer and here she is using her own product for her page.  I absolutely love it when kit designers do this!  This page is fun but calming.  I love the soft colors with the punch of the mustard and the navy. It’s perfectly balanced with the white space.  The use of the paint behind the main image cluster makes this look like it’s up off the page and gives this layout depth.  All the perfectly placed circle elements really help your eye travel around the page and create the visual triangle.  I love that the scrapper added some journaling and cute photo of her feet.   Such a great composition and use of white space here!  I love it!

My next pick, just screams fall to me. You Make Me Smile by weaselwatcher has a great mix of open space and design. These rich colors can often be too much combined on the page, but here, Danica uses the tone on tone print of the brown paper to really ground and the page.  Then adding the plaid and the polka dots plus confetti brings color and visual interest.  I really love her cluster and how she stacked and shadowed the flowers and leaves looks great! It’s often tricky to shadow on darker paper without making everything feel darker and she does a great job of that here.  I have to mention this handsome cat too…how perfect is he/she with the colors of the page?  Everything here plays off each other so nicely! It’s a perfect fall page!

My next choice is a layout done during a speed scrap…gasp!  I can’t scrap fast so I’m always in awe of people who can.  Face Time by cfile is an excellent example of how you can get a page done quickly but it can still look amazing!  What caught my eye was the hot pink leaf, in the cluster at the top of the page and how lovely the shadows look on this little group of elements!   Then I saw it was for a speed scrap and I was so impressed!  Everything is so well placed on the page.  The spatter brings depth, the sequins are just enough to give interest, yet not be distracting and the washi peaking out adds feminity.  I also really like the story here.  The scrapper is scrapping about Face Timing with her brother and I think that is so cool (plus I really like that font!!).  Over all this page is not only fun, but the shadows are awesome and the memories that are recorded are also beautiful; what a great combination! 

In my world, no gallery viewing trip is complete without falling in love with at least a few pocket scrapbook style pages.  This page titled Busy Busy by Stacia Hall really caught my eye!  I love pocket style pages for trying to tell a story with lots of pictures and lots of details you want to record.  This layout shows Stacia and her family moving.  I love how her story highlights memories like the chairs looking awesome once assembled, but being very hard to put together.  That is one of those things you’ll forget in 6 months, but when you look back in your album you will be reminded and it almost makes you smile inside.  I also love that Stacia included a card showing the schedule -which is just a list of all things they accomplished in this weekend.   Now I have to say that the plaid card in the second row with all the tags and banners is my fave.  It’s fun and I love all the little comments.  Overall this is such a great page and it really documents this weekend in such a nice way (so much info on just one page) and it makes me want to sit down right now and scrap pocket style!

My final highlight for today is this sweet page titled I Love You by LorieM.  I once again was sucked in by the polka dots!  I just love the black and white polka dot paper as the background here.  It really makes everything else on the page pop.  I love how the scrapper used a shaped mask for the photo instead of the traditional square or rectangle shape. This adds such nice interest to the page!  Then the flowers – wow!! I just love the shadow work here and how the flowers seem to be floating on the page – just a pretty look and the colors are so perfect on the darker background.  It makes the whole layout pop!

Well today’s mix of layouts has be wanting to scrap right now and probably all weekend (so much for my landscaping projects).  I hope you all have a great day out there and are inspired to scrap some memories of your own.


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  1. Oh Julie, Thank you so much for choosing my page!!! I am so excited!! Thaks again for your lovely comments too!!

    Christa (cfile)

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