Hello everyone!! I’m happy to be back and posting. I can’t believe August is half over already and my kids go back to school in three weeks! I have had a wonderfully busy summer, but in truth, I can’t wait to get some peace and some ME time back! I had a bit of that this morning while the kids slept (after a very late night) so I got to be selfish and take a look at the galleries. Today, my post is full of layouts from ONE gallery. Yep, you read that right. ONE GALLERY. Scrapaneers is hosting a Masters of Scrap tournament and HOLY COW, there are some AMAZING artists participating. I love artsy layouts and the gallery of FREE SPIRIT layouts is right up my alley! I could look at these layouts for hours and see something different every time. So, indulge me while I present to you, these layouts (some from artists who I discovered for the first time!) of exceptional beauty and brilliance. This is Trace, and these are my picks.


Enough by Catg0ddess. WOW. WOW is all I can  say. Brilliant. The hands, the stuff, the pushing it away!!! It’s just amazing. The subtle colours with the pops of red. Just blew me away.

Inside by danielles83. I love the white space in the middle of this. I love the journaling in the profile of her face. I love the elements and how random they are but they all work. The black background is striking and the title placement is perfect. This layout is a standout!


Whirlwind by Minor Scraps. Another OMG layout! I am so not a pastelly kind of person but this layout is just so beautiful and the subject is one we can all relate to! I love the pinks against the yellows and oranges. I love how it looks so calm, yet the layout is so chaotic. The clock behind the eye in that amazing drawn photo treatment is brilliant. I love the word art scatter all over. Just a winner!


Broken by Norma. This layout drew me in because I can so relate to it personally. I really admire artists who can scrap the good and the bad. This layout says so much without saying much at all! It stands on it’s own. My favourite part is the photo shards coming off the woman’s head. It’s so fantastic and so creative and I just adore it. The colours speak for the layout here too. Just amazing.

Dear Mom of Teens by Sonja. This layout made me laugh! The humour is evident and any one can relate to it. I really like how Sonja used the word art to emphasize her point here. The textured background is awesome and the rings around the center representing the whirlwind of emotion is outstanding. I am sure most of us with teens have said these words a hundred times!

Adventure by taxed4ever. I love this layout. I am in awe with the design. The eye peeking out from behind the actual layout blew me away. I love the texture and the paint and the little touches of whimsy. I love the word art and the blending and the scripts in the back. It’s just so fun to look at and see more every time you do.

MUST SEE by tjscraps. OH HOW I CAN RELATE TO THIS! LOL. This page made me smile so big. I really adore how tjscraps took a mundane subject of tv and made it into this masterpiece. The background paper is awesome. The paint and grunge is amazing. The humour in the journaling made me giggle and is so cute. I love the little tv cluster. This layout may be photoless, but it sure does pack a punch visually! I’d love this on my wall right by my TV! Haha.

That’s it for me  today! Thank you for indulging me and allowing me to showcase these amazing layouts. It’s a privilege to be able to scour the galleries for outstanding work like this. Until next time, Happy Scrapping!


2 thoughts on “Fingerpointing – August 14th

  1. Thank you so much, Trace, for featuring my page here! I agree with you; the MoS, Free Spirit gallery is full of jaw-dropping layouts and I browsed it many many times! I’m honored to be among these beauties! Thank you!


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