Well, hellooooo August, and hello to digital scrappers and enthusiasts everywhere!  Brenda here, to do a bit of fingerpointing.  Before immersing myself into the galleries, I decided I should do a little housework.  You know how some days you feel like you can do everything, and then some days you don’t feel like doing one single thing?  I think today I can do it all.  Of course I can’t, I just feel like I can, and actually that’s good enough for me.  Now comes the time for me to share some exceptional pages that I’ve found in the galleries.  Is everyone ready?  Here we go.

Summer Sunshine by Anny-Libelle

This beautiful summery page just makes me happy.  The primary colors of yellow and pink stand out almost as much as that adorable photo does.  Wonderful clustering and designing here, and I love the lyrics added to that perfect title.  I’ve already got that song stuck in my head, so this is going to be a memorable page for me.  Mission accomplished.

Dear Madam by Pepette

This is a beautifully vintage inspired page and another example of layering perfection.  Wonderful grungy background here and it’s just perfect for the elements used.  I haven’t seen this style of torn lace before.  It’s very striking and adds so much to the vintage feel.  I like the frameless tilted photo too and the shadowing throughout is very nice.

In My Garden by HeidiH

The simplicity of the photos from her garden are breathtaking.  I’m always in awe of people who have “the eye” for that kind of thing.  And then to be able to further bring out the beauty of the photos by designing around them with the perfect choice of paper and elements and the layering of them all . . . . it’s truly an art form.

7:20 AM Carpool by KayTeaPea

It’s just a day-in-the-life for for this mom, but scrapping it is an absolute must, right?  I mean, years from now the kids will get a kick out of looking back on this.  Not only that, but they’ll be reminded of just a fraction of what the rents have done with them and for them.  This page is so darn fun with all of the colorful patterned paper and cutsie elements, plus that sticker style title.  The journaling says it all. Love this.

Boingy Thing by Kate

Genius title!  This is life according to Gavin.  I chuckled to myself as I was reading his comments.   Well for sure, he’s going to need lots of supervision for the foreseeable future.  It’s going to be an interesting few years.  As for this page, I like the simple black and white theme, so the journaling is easy to read.  The three tilted action photos are cute as can be and the addition of just a few elements make for a great design.

Westmatch by dvhoward

This is a wonderful western style page.  I love the vintage stained and textured background.  The blending is very nice here too.  The photo itself is a treasure and with the journaling, we get a tiny glimpse into the backstory.  This has to be a fond memory and I’m sure it will have a special place in her memory book.  ♥

And with that, I’ll say thank you for your time and have a wonderful first day of August. Don’t forget to scrap whenever possible.  Life is happening folks.  If we don’t record it, who will?

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