Good Morning everyone! Can you believe it’s the last day of February already? Where does the time go?

My time this morning flew by while gazing at all the deliciousness in the galleries this week! Wow, the layouts and designs just keep getting better and better. Today, as always, I have a hard time narrowing my choices down to these 6. All of these layouts spoke to me today. I’m Trace and here are my picks.


The unique creativity of people always astounds me. This layout by Anika68 made me smile. I love how it looks like a comic and all the little word bubbles she put as the journaling. The treatment of the photos is awesome and lends itself to look like a newspaper. I love the sequence of the photos and I can’t imagine how long it took to get each one just perfect. Her husband looks like he had a great time too! Just a fantastic, creative layout. LOVE IT.

You all know by now that I love an artsy/art journal style. This layout by dalis is no exception. The stamps and the doodled hearts are so well blended here. I love the title overlaid over the brain image. I love the simplicity of this, yet it’s chock full of eye catching colour. Just so very well done.

One of my favourite artsy scrappers is *gina*. She always does such amazing things with blends and masks. This layout blew me away today. The photo is timeless and beautiful I love how she kept the mask edges visible and dark. It add such dimension to the photo. I love the cluster and how she blended some of the elements in and out. I love the background mix of papers and textures. It’s just so wonderful and I strive to scrap like Gina does one day.

I’ve seen a few of these mini inchies layouts in the last few days. This one by mimisgirl caught my attention because I love the Big Bang Theory. This is brilliantly done. I love the references to the show. The quotes and the giant Bazinga title. (is it wrong that I read it in Sheldon’s voice?) The little squares are all just placed so well and the elements are so perfect for the theme. I think I might have to grab this template and try one myself!

Rarely do we see designers in these posts, but today, I have added one of my favourite designers who also happens to be an incredible scrap artist too. Rachel (Seatrout Scraps), doesn’t only make beautiful kits, but she also scraps like a pro. This layout is so pretty. I love the blended photo and how your eye is drawn in by the angle of the beach. I love the touches of spatters here and there. I love the little cluster with the title. Everything about this layout calms me and I want to visit the beach with her dog, Mitzi at my heels.

Lastly today, This amazing layout by weaselwatcher.  That moon photo she took and extracted is outstanding! What a magical but simple statement. The background is perfect, the little light bursts are so appropriate for this layout. It reminds me of a page from a space magazine or textbook. I love the composition and the title. I love how it stands on it’s own without a lot of accents. I just love the whole thing! IT’s brilliant!!!

So that’s it for me today. It was so good to be back and posting these wonderful layouts. Please click the names and give these amazing artists some love. Until next time…keep on scrapping

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