Good Morning everyone! Happy 1st Saturday of February! I can’t believe how fast time is flying. Didn’t the kids just go back to school? I’ve been busy this morning going through the galleries and drooling over all the amazing layouts I’ve seen. It is getting harder and harder each week to just pick my 6. Kudos to all the scrappers out there who are so innovative and so talented. Today’s layouts have a common thread for me. Blending. I am in awe of scrappers who are can blend so effortlessly.  So, without further ado, here are my 6 picks for today.

My Heroine by alannabanana is a beautiful tribute to her mom.  I always love Alanna’s work, but this one meant a lot to her and you can tell. It is STUNNING. I love the blending in the background paper and then the panoramic photo of her beautiful mom. The clustering here is out of this world! You can tell how painstakingly she placed each flower and leaf to border the photo. The simplicity of the papers ties it all in beautifully. It’s just gorgeous and deserves the fingerpoint today.

Thankful for you by Anny-Libelle. I love this layout. I love the print paper and how she expertly blended the photo into the background. I love the little offset framed photos at the top and bottom. I love the little  moustaches. (lol) The script brushes add to the print paper and enhance it. This layout just makes me smile, and that is what it’s all about.

Our True Self by Divamom96. Okay, first of all, above all else, I am an owl freak. I have always had a thing for their beauty since seeing one when I was camping out in the woods as a teenager. Then Harry Potter came along and my love for owls just intensified. So, that being said, this layout just jumped out at me and I adore it! I want to put it on my wall in my home! It’s so beautifully done. The blending, the simple background, and the amazing quote all fit together perfectly. The little splat of paint and the doodles placed here and there just add to the wonder. This layout is just awesome.

Perfect by Miki. What can I say. The title says it all. This layout is perfect! Another amazing blending job here. I love the tiny little cluster at the top of the page with the word strip. I really love how the little birdy is sitting on the cross line of the letter T. The placement of the quote is fantastic as it draws your eye down the tree trunk. I want to be Miki when I grow up and learn how to blend like that. Just terrific

This layout by Sylvia, isn’t about the blending. It’s about EVERYTHING. The wonderful use of the brush (which, technically *IS* blended into the background), the little paint spots placed just so, the tiny heart on the outside of the circle. The photo is beautiful and I can’t rave enough about her genius in stitching the inside of the bullseye! I am surely lifting that little gem of a trick! The simple word strip says it all. Sylvia is one of my favourite simple, white space scrappers and this one does not disappoint.

Finally, this layout by Veer. WOW! Again, another master blender. She does it so well and makes it look so easy. I love how she blended the elements into the paper and mixed in the paints and the brushes in layers. The photo treatment is fabulous and the frame draws the eye right to it. I love the little doodles placed to draw your eye into the photo. Finally, the quote is perfect and placed on a splat of paint to highlight it is pretty cool. I love how messy this is but it looks so put together. Effortless. Beautiful.

I hope you enjoyed my picks today! Thank you all for giving me (and everyone else) so much inspiration. Until next time, remember….give the scrappers some love and keep on scrapping!


7 thoughts on “Fingerpointing – February 4th

  1. Thank you, Trace, for highlighting my page. It’s a delightful surprise and honor to be here among all the talented artist!

  2. Thank you so much, Trace! If you send me your email, I’ll send you the PS file and you can print it out for your wall.

  3. Thanks so much for choosing my page Trace and for your kind words. Means a lot to me that this page was chosen xoxo

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