Good Morning everyone!  Brenda here, and it’s an exceptionally beautiful day today, outside as well as inside.  I’ve spent lots of time  browsing the galleries and have come up with quite an interesting mix of scrapbook pages to share.  To be sure, I wasn’t looking specifically for photoless pages, but in the end, the majority of today’s fingerpointing went in that direction.

First up is Blissfully Unaware by mimsgirl.

To be honest, she had me at the title.  Blissfully unaware and oh so happy sounds like the perfect combination to me.  Her colorful, fun elements and design is just the icing on the digital cake.

Live Life by gina

This gorgeous black and white silhouette is a perfect alternative to a photo.  Not everyone is a fan of oversized elements, but honestly, I feel like there are no “rules” to art and that, at least in part is what this is.  Wonderful layering and a complete black and white page with a great message.  I’m all in.

Parisa by beaute

I couldn’t resist this vintage page that beaute designed.  I love how everything is subtly placed and you almost don’t even notice the individual elements because they all blend so well together.  The splatters, grids, wordart,  texture and text plus the crown, the beautiful gold focal point.  Very pretty indeed.

Cinque Terre by zlemon

So technically this is from a photo, but I’m not looking at it as a photo but rather, a scene.  One simply gorgeous scene!  First off I have to thank her for sharing the name of the app she used for this photo treatment.  I’ll be checking that out asap.  I love it when friends share their interesting photos too.  Armchair traveling can be an excellent way to get your art on.  😉  From top to bottom this page spells art and beauty.

Love by wombat146

Love?  Me too!  I just love the mix of playful patterns used in the background.  That paisley really caught my eye in such pretty colors.  In my mind I see 3 parts to this page.  One being the background, the other of course is that gorgeous photo, and lastly, the floral  cluster.  It sounds simple, but every.single.piece is exactly what and where it should be.  We’re looking at a master scrapper here.  This page is absolutely gorgeous in it’s simplicity.

Christmas At Home by Esther_a

Has anyone noticed that some of the best scrapbook pages come from challenges?  This particular challenge was for Christmas in July.  Esther designed her page with some vintage photos and listed a few of the things she remembered about Christmas as a child.  The clean style and plenty of white space make her page very visually appealing.

Thank you for taking the time to view today’s Gallery Standouts.  I hope you’ve enjoyed them and I hope you have a super nice day.  Adios, amigos.


3 thoughts on “Fingerpointing – July 19th

  1. Congratulation to everyone!. Great choice, Brenda. Thank you so much for showing my page here – I feel very honored.

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