Each year on the third Sunday in June we celebrate Father’s Day, along with our friends in Canada and England.  I’d like to wish all the father’s, dads, daddy’s, papa’s and step-dads a Happy Father’s Day.  I would also like to honor the mother’s who fill both the roll of mother and father.  It happens a lot.  One of my boys makes a point to call me on Mother’s Day, but also on Father’s Day.  The first time he did that and explained that understood how I filled both rolls, it brought tears to my eyes.  As it happens, both of my boys are here with me today, so without further adieu, here are today’s selections:

Mollie – 1st Father Day 1968

In honor of this special day, I wanted to share a couple of pages dedicated to the dads.  This page by Mollie is a wonderful vintage page with heartfelt journaling, and it even includes a map with the exact location that they were living at the time.  This page is an absolute family treasure and I just love everything about it.

Walk With Me by cinderella

This is a fresh, modern approach.  I’m not sure if this page is dedicated to Father’s Day, but I see daddy written all over it.  There they go – daddy and Zoe, walking down the street hand in hand.  I just know that daddy is so proud of his little girl.  I really like the fun stripes and chevrons, and of course the title is perfect as can be.

One Mean Mug by mystampin2003

This is so darn funny!  I love how she lined up multiple silhouettes and framed each one with a different mug shot of her man.  This page is definitely a super fun, masculine design with lots of grunge.  That’s my kind of page.

Sunday Drive by Heidi Nicole

I love the theme –  a perfect Sunday drive.  Imagine the group piling into the jeep and heading out for parts unknown, taking each moment as it comes.   Sounds good to me.  The horizontal design looks great with the outer photos in black and white, with a colored center photo.  Check out those smiles!  Makes me wish I was there for the ride.  Gorgeous clusters and colors along with those cute corner tabs and some great journaling make this page a real keeper!

Having a Moment by Joyce

It’s just one of those days for this young man.  I don’t know if we’ve all been there, but I sure have.  Yep, just leave him alone and let him have his moment.  I can’t imagine a different title for this page and it looks great on those paper strips.   I like that the photo is actually part of the background and then the elements were layered over it.  Those pretty red flowers really pop, as does that newspaper flower.  In addition, the black and white dotted borders add a lot of interest.  I hope that in about 20 years, this little guy sees the humor in this page like I do right now.

Chewie by Dunia

I so admire the minimalist approach to scrapping.  This page just stole my heart.  Do I say I’m in love everytime I see a cute pet page?  Well guess what.  I’m in love all over again.  With just a few words, a colorful instamatic frame and some yellow hearts, this page is complete, just.like.that.  And I couldn’t agree more.  Life IS better with a dog.  The little #woof wordart off to the side makes me smile.  Love love love this.

This brings me to the end of today’s choices for Gallery Standouts.  I hope you find some inspiration among these pages and I hope you have had a little time of your own this weekend for some creativity.  It’s so good for the soul.

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  1. Thank you so much for this feature, Brenda . . . I appreciate it so much!

    Love to look over the GSO layout each day, but I missed this one of mine being there!!

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