October is in the rear view mirror, and November is full speed ahead.  I’ll be sad to see all of the fun Halloween pages fade away, but we’re gearing up for Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays now in the galleries.  We still have plenty of time to share our colorful autumn pages though.  Officially, winter doesn’t start until December 21st.  Speaking of holidays, I hope you don’t mind if I just share one more Halloween page that caught my eye. Here we go with today’s Gallery Standouts:

Happy Halloween by Kellygirl 

The design of this page is fantastic.  I love the oversized corner flowers along with the rest of the elements she chose.  Everything works so well together.  Love love love the background, brushwork and that cool title.  I want this costume for next years Halloween party, crows and all.

A Beautiful Mess by tracpitch

What an interesting design.  I’m drawn to the grunge and this is chock full of it both in big and small ways.  The title says it all.  I think most of us are (a beautiful mess) from time to time.  The fact that I keep studying this and finding new and interesting bits and pieces to it means it’s truly a standout.  This is a great piece of art.

Cock and Bull Challenge – Bathing Beauties by A-M

Just to explain, Cock-and-Bull is an absurd, improbable story presented as the truth.  What a fun idea for a page!  I love the vintage photos and as far as the journaling goes – well, ANYTHING goes, and a good imagination is a big plus. I like the little horizontal ribbon cluster as a final touch to this masterpiece in deception.  (and I mean that in the nicest way possible.)

SWEET by by AnkeKramer

I was drawn to this adorable design, with only a soft muted peach for color.  The photo is cute as can be and looks to be somewhat vintage.  The cluster behind the photo is perfect, especially with the cutout pattern and I especially like the shadowing of it.  The short and sweet title (pun intended) directly below goes into a nice vertical design with hearts and finally a small wordstrip for a nice ending.

FALL by aasta

This is an absolutely adorable fall photo.  The addition of those autumn leaves is basically all that is needed to make this into a work of art and something I’d most definitely print to hang on a wall.  I’ve done a fair amount of staring at this page and I just can’t help but smile from beginning to end.  Anyone else besides me want to lift this page?

LOVE by faerywings

I ask you . . .  what’s not to love?  All of the focus goes exactly where it should.  The dark brown background is a great choice for the white frame and photo.  A simple title is perfect because honestly, where are your eyes drawn?  I can’t stop looking at that face!  ♥ The challenge was to use a large photo, and lots of white space.  Nailed it!  The backstory – this beauty is a rescue.  She is now healthy, peaceful and content in her new furever home.  *sigh*

I’ve come to the end of today’s post.  Hopefully you have found some inspiration from these selections today.  If you have time, could you stop by the galleries and leave some positive feedback?  Till next time, happy scrapping everyone!

4 thoughts on “Fingerpointing – November 2nd

  1. Thank you soooo much for featuring my page. I am so happy that my puppy is doing so well and I love to show her off since she has made such huge gains in weight and health. We rescued her after Harvey and she was skin and bones- makes me happy that others see her at peace as much as I see it. (Blabbering- cuz I am proud of her! Puppy Mom LOL!)

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